Wilbert Inc.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2002 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. I entered the work force with experience from a two year Internship. When I graduated, jobs were scarce. I ended up with a job as a manager for a large corporation where my engineering skills were not utilized. Due to the lagging economy of the past five years, my employer needed to let go of some workers. I was one of the unfortunate. In my attempts to find a new position, in engineering, I found that my skills were not up to date. My resume is well dressed and I was interviewed by many companies. However, the lack of Pro/Engineer skills kept me from getting offers. Considering I took courses in college of an earlier version of Pro/Engineer, my skills were not recognized as up to date. I decided to do something about it.

I used the internet to search for schools that would give me the proper skills to make my resume more attractive. I found Design Engine. I went to their open house and decided to sign up for the course. I applied for WIA assistance, but due to my financial obligations and the length of approval time, I decided to finance the class with a credit card.

During the course, I added the key words “Pro/Engineer Wildfire” and “Pro/Surface” to my resume. I started getting calls for interviews almost immediately. I even had to take a day off from the class to attend an interview. I eventually obtained an excellent position with Wilbert Funeral Services in Broadview, IL. I had to choose between Wilbert and another in Lemont, IL> My salary is currently in the mid 50’s and I was told to expect an increase after my initial 6 months.

I am excited with my new position and would like to thank Design Engine for the training. If it weren’t for Design Engine I may still be out of job. The training offered is ideal for anyone entering the current job market. The best part of the training is not that you’re taught how to use the program, but how to be an effective modeler. One of my first tasks in my new position is to teach other engineers, including my manager, how to use the program so that the company can upgrade to Pro/Engineer Wildfire.

Thanks again Design Engine and keep up the good work.

Tony Manrique, BSME, MBA
Mechanical Engineer WFSI