Creo Surfacing: Week One

Course Duration: 40 hours (or whatever your needs are)

Tuition: $2,500 USD or contact Design Engine at 312.226.8339 for an onsite estimate

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[accordion-item title=”Overview +” state=open]This workshop has been specifically designed to work for those interested in gaining a high level of Creo Surface (Pro/Surface) and ISDX usage in just one week. We take designers and engineers up several notches past their current surfacing level. Usually, there are less than two or three persons in this workshop so instructor:participant ratio is excellent.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Prerequisite +” state=closed]Some experience with Creo Surface (Pro/Surface) helpful but not necessary.[/accordion-item]

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This workshop is an intense week. It is perfect for non degreed contractors looking to make top dollar as surfacing experts. The sooner you take this course the sooner you will be considered an expert at surfacing. This course is also imperative for industrial designers frustrated with the engineering support staff, and who wish to create their own A-Side geometry. This course is also imperative for design engineers  that typically support their industrial design departments. This course is also the prerequisite for the Design Engine Aircraft Surfacing Workshop.

Note: This course is usually customized to focus on the participant’s learning wishes and company projects. Day one and day two focus on Pro/Surface. Mid-part of day three the focus is shifted to Variable Section Sweep tools complete with graph features. The end of days three and four focus is on ISDX. Day five is dedicated to past or current project problems, plans of attack, or issues. Bring example work or problematic models on flash drives for in-context discussions for work on the last day of class. We supplement this training with Alias style techniques utilized in the automotive industry.


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The basis for this week-long course is to share the knowledge of tools within Pro/Surface for optimizing more parametric robust controls for the later use with ISDX. Below are the ambitious goals of this course to be discussed/created/learned:

Participants can take back the username and password for the Design Engine web hosted tutorials to recreate after the class is finished.


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Pro Surface One Week ISDX Intensive Pro Surface One Week ISDX Intensive Pro Surface One Week ISDX Intensive Pro Surface One Week ISDX Intensive Pro Surface One Week ISDX Intensive Pro Surface One Week ISDX Intensive Pro Surface One Week ISDX Intensive Pro Surface One Week ISDX Intensive Pro Surface One Week ISDX IntensivePro Surface One Week ISDX Intensive


My name is Marc Stewart. I previously have attended a training course put on by Bart Brejcha many years ago and liked his teaching style and have recommended our engineers to attend courses put on by Design Engine. Recently a number of our design engineers using Creo have expressed interest in the week long Pro/Surface & ISDX Intensive course that Design Engine offers.

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*Please note that prices listed on this page are based upon pre-payment prior to the start of the class