TDS - Training Delivery System

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Access to tons of supplemental material

Welcome to our Training Delivery System or as we like to call it, Design Engine – TDS! Every time you register for cusomized onsite training, Design Engine location training, or remote courses, you automatically have access to 3 months of supplemental material including videos and training exercises. 

Whether you’re dealing with SOLIDWORKS, Creo or Rhino, Design Engine keeps you busy with bonus material guarenteed to help you work smarter, not harder.

Don’t miss out on a full 3 months access to tons of bonus material! Call us at (312) 226-8339 to register for training today.

Design Engine Lego Racer

What to do once you're logged in?

Once logged into Design Engine-TDS, come back to this page and use the sub-navigation menu at the top of the page to navigate to Creo, SOLIDWORKS, or Rhino training exercises.

To accompany each exercise you will have access to corresponding images, PDF or ZIP files with a completed or partially completed model inside the ZIP file.

If you found this page inadvertently and want access to the Design Engine-TDS, contact your account representative at Design Engine by calling 312.226.8339 to learn more. There are a number of free tutorials to browse on our YouTube Channel, check out our Tutorials Playlist!

For payment inquiries or any technical issues or concerns, please email us at [email protected]

Unlike typical training organizations, Design Engine doesn’t simply teach the software packages, read to you from a book or lead you with menu clicks. Instead, Design Engine helps organizations create or mature a natural exchange between design and engineering teams, ultimately helping organizations to utilize a mutual design language for greater understanding. Design Engine participants become more effective 3D CAD communicators and stronger team members through our programs. People often think of us as a training facility. Design Engine isn’t a training facility; we are product designers, strategic problem solvers, and engineering experts armed with a process aimed at helping you work smarter.