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Once logged into Design Engine-TDS, access the sub-menu on the right hand side of this page to view the training exercises. It is suggested that you first update by downloading the latest version of you Microsoft Explorer, FireFox or Chrome Browser before proceeding. This system has been tested and works also on your smart phone. Once you are granted access to the Design Engine-TDS, you may require installing a codec for proper viewing of the 1024 x 768 videos that stream at the bottom of each exercise.

We recommend installing the free Microsoft Silverlight Plugin before proceeding onto your computer from Microsoft’s official website at the following link:
Microsoft Silverlight Download

The tutorials are divided into corresponding Training Tracks. These tutorials can be accessed through the Training Tutorials drop-down menu via any modern web browser or from the sub navigation column on the upper right of this page.

Once you have found your desired Training Track, you will notice a top level index page that points to each lower level index. Those indexes direct you to the individual exercises. Also notice the <<BACK or NEXT>> navigation at the bottom of each training exercise. These links allow the participant to move back one or to the next exercise in their series.

To accompany each exercise you will have access to corresponding images, PDF or ZIP files with a completed or partially completed model inside the ZIP file.

If you found this page inadvertently and want access to the Design Engine-TDS, contact your Account Representative at Design Engine or call 312.226.8339 to learn more.

For payment inquiries or any technical issues or concerns, please contact our office at [email protected]

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