St. Jude Medical Proe training

Interview with Bart Genovese, Mechanical Designer at St. Jude Medical:

Did you have to travel to Chicago for your training?


From where and how helpful were we in assisting you with that process?

From Minneapolis, MN. The list of places to stay, and the incredible discount at the Red Roof were very helpful!

Our atmosphere here at Design Engine is different than most other training facilities. Did this help or hurt your learning experience?

It had everything I needed: an adequate workstation & space to use it, warm & welcoming atmosphere from the staff, and coffee!

Do you feel that your Proe training here was more helpful than other training you have taken in the past?

Absolutely, without question! The techniques are none I have seen or heard of anywhere else, or in any textbook. I could have attended PTC training locally, but knew it would not be as informative. I chose to pay my own travel & hotel to come to Chicago for your training.

I remember you saying you wish you could’ve stayed for the entire weeks worth of training, is there any chance you could come back in some time and finish out the rest of the training in Pro/E and pick up some surfacing classes as well?

I intend to take the whole week. In hindsight, given my limited surfacing experience I think it worked out better that I will have time in the upcoming months to practice what I learned and better use the more advanced surfacing techniques covered in the days 3-5.

Thanks for your response!

You bet! Say hi to Bart, Steve, and Michael for me.