Sram Corporation Pro Engineer training

To whom it may concern:

I would like to recommend the services of DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION for Pro Engineer training on both a beginning and advanced level. I found that the instructor, Bart Brejcha did an excellent job of teaching basic surfacing as well as some valuable Pro/E tactics. These tactics have already saved me quite a bit of time and in every case resulted in a more robust model


Kevin Wesling
Design Engineer
SRAM Corporation

To whom it may concern,

From my experience and from the response of students we have sent, DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION of Chicago, Illinois is a top-tier provider of directly applicable training in the use and application of Pro/Engineer software. Pro/E is the preferred and overwhelmingly dominant engineering software platform for product design engineering.

Their unique applied approach helps users at any level from novice to expert to become familiar with new tools and upgrades and also directly apply these skills for an employer. I cannot think of a more impact three week course that an engineer can take, this would certainly make a prospective employee far more desirable, even more so today in a down job market.

I would recommend Mr. Brejcha’s training program to any prospective student.

Kent Solberg
Global Industrial Design Manager
SRAM Corporation