NASA Pro Engineer training

To Whom It May Concern,

NASA Johnson Space Center sent me to train in Pro/Engineer software with Bart Brejcha. I was consulting for the Exploration group at NASA, which plans futuristic space missions, and learned Pro/Engineer to model spacecrafts and calculate radiation intensities. Many radiations in space are dangerous for a crew and the only protection is the spacecraft itself. CAD models of spacecrafts will help to evaluate the damping of radiation flux due to its interaction with various materials. With software like Pro/Engineer, a precise virtual design is possible and extremely helpful in physical simulations. I continue using the skills I learned at Design Engine in a variety of projects at NASA. The benefits have been great.

My training with Bart was also helpful for work I did at Baylor College of Medicine, where computational biologists create model molecules and organs with computer-assisted design. In my opinion, Pro/Engineer is both broadly applicable and versatile.

Bart Brejcha was singularly the best software trainer I have ever encountered. His brilliance and sensitivity as a teacher helped me get the most out of my training.


Artem L. Ponomarev, PhD
Staff Scientist
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
2101 NASA Road 1
Houston, Texas


Testimonial: NASA (Pro Engineer Training)