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I’m writing to thank the Design Engine team for putting together an excellent training workshop. This was my first educational experience through Design Engine, and I walked away very impressed. I started the class with a pretty solid base of Photoshop knowledge, yet the 2-day training expanded my knowledge and technique considerably.

Our instructor had an excellent grasp of the program, and was adept at determining our skill level and building upon our existing knowledge successfully. He quickly covered some of the basics, pointing out changes in the setup of brushes and tools that would speed up workflow and improve the usability of the program for our product design applications. He also pointed out items that we could experiment with on our own, in order to tailor Photoshop to our particular preferences. Once the basics were covered we pretty quickly moved on to more detailed methodology. The exercises that Michael had prepared had a great flow of demonstration and execution, allowing us to witness the process, and then try it out ourselves.

I left the class with some great rendering tricks to take back to the office and share with co-workers!

The team at Design Engine has a great knowledge of the design industry, and they are really up to speed on the tools of the trade, as well as the daily workflow of design. Conversations with the team were on a colleague to colleague level, rather than an academic vs. real-world level. Bart Brejcha illustrated excellent familiarity with the design world, while also exhibiting a curiosity that was refreshing to see.

I look forward to the next educational opportunity with Design Engine.

Thank You,

Jesse Cotterman
Brooks Stevens Design


Testimonial: Brooks Stevens Design (Photoshop Training)