Central Ohio PTC User Conference Review

Deisgn Engine’s Pro/Engineer Guru, Bart Brejcha attended the May 17th meeting to speak about Creo/Pro Elements Surfacing Best Practices, to listen on other discussions, and to mix and mingle with engineers and other industry folks.

Golden Ratio and CSS

When designing the visual aspect to a website or creating images in general the dilemma of choosing proportions inevitably comes up. By choosing proportions I mean the idea of designing a space to hold the informational content of a website or visual information of an image. Occasionally these decisions are made simpler when making the proportions of information container boxes (which I will refer to as a “div” from now on) just big enough to contain the information.

T-Splines Kickoff to Design Engine’s Rhino Training Class!

Design Engine is offering a special FREE event. From Monday, May 2nd to Friday, May 6th, Design Engine will be teaching a special one-week intensive on Rhino. After the class, the T-Splines instructor will be presenting a two-hour T-Splines presentation on the following Monday, May 9th. The same presenter will then be teaching a 2-day T-Splines workshop over the next two days [Tuesday, May 10th & Wednesday, May 11th]

Ultraviolet LED + GFP Bacteria Project

The senior BFA show at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago opened last Friday and is currently showing. For the show I presented a project I had made in the Bio Art class last semester. The piece was an Ultraviolet LED grid programmed to display Conway’s Game of Life. In addition GFP bacteria (bacteria that glow green under UV light) were placed in a custom Petri dish on top of the UV LED grid. The intended goal was for the bacteria to function as pixels displaying the programmed game.

Win an Amazon.com Gift Card!

Christmas might be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get everything you want. Design Engine is giving a $50 dollar Amazon.com Gift Card away to one lucky person who: Follows @DesignEngine Spreads the post by retweeting the following on Twitter Win a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card by Following @DesignEngine and retweeting  this message! […]