Advanced Pro Sheetmetal

This is an advanced Sheetmetal course. Participants will be trained to work on items such as small battery contacts, aircraft mounting brackets, electronics enclosures, larger stove/oven components, or auto panels to name a few.

Bart Brejcha: Creo Training

Bart Brejcha is the principal instructor at Design-Engine, primarily responsible for teaching the Creo Training classes.     Bart Brejcha: ProE training What do you do at Design-Engine? I teach specifically, the Creo courses. That is the Creo updated classes, Creo Surfacing, Pro/Cable or what we call cable harness design, Routed Systems Designer now branded […]

A Design Grad’s Perspective: The “ Why “ Manifesto

Having decided that my first contribution to the design community would not be a sterile technical article but something that could reach beyond our all-knowing-decision-taking cortex all the way down to the limbic system, I decided to share what has been my first “industry experience” as a senior student within a product design company based […]

Testimonial: NASA (Pro Engineer Training)

To Whom It May Concern, NASA Johnson Space Center sent me to train in Pro/Engineer software with Bart Brejcha. I was consulting for the Exploration group at NASA, which plans futuristic space missions, and learned Pro/Engineer to model spacecrafts and calculate radiation intensities. Many radiations in space are dangerous for a crew and the only […]

Pro/Engineer is Stealthy!

In the future, drone aircraft will sustain more gravity forces than the human body can withstand. Drones can already stay deployed longer than a human can stay awake. The F35 maybe the last strike fighter with a pilot in the aircraft.

SolidWorks 2010 vs ProE Wildfire 5.0 Shootout

Since I started working at Design Engine Education several years ago, there’s been one question I’ve been asked more than anything else: What class should I take? Pro/ENGINEER or SolidWorks?? And what are the advantages and disadvantages to both?