A Design Grad’s Perspective: The “ Why “ Manifesto

Having decided that my first contribution to the design community would not be a sterile technical article but something that could reach beyond our all-knowing-decision-taking cortex all the way down to the limbic system, I decided to share what has been my first “industry experience” as a senior student within a product design company based […]

Testimonial: Motorola (ProE Training)

To whom it may concern, It was hard to believe that with two degrees in Mechanical Engineering, I was unemployed after working with Tellabs in Chicago for 5 years. Luckily, I learned about DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION at a conference. I wanted to learn tools and techniques for surfacing and plastics, because I knew that would pay more. […]

Choosing the Right Training Facility

Engineering is a very broad field. Whether it involves figuring out how to design a new skyscraper or making sure a jet doesn’t buckle under extreme accelerations, engineering requires strong design and the collaboration of many hard-working individuals.