Creo Level 9: Cable Harness Design & Schematics

This course is intended for Electrical engineers involved in the management of schematics, electrical cabling and wire harnesses design or technicians who work within harness design and development teams . In this course, participants will gain a healthy knowledge & practice routing cables and individual conductors within Creo assemblies using Creo Schematics and the Cable Harness Module. Participants will practice Creating 3D electrical harnesses through Creo assemblies using Creo Schismatics.

Non-Degreed Detail Designers: Reassessing the Engineering Job Market

For those of you that are unemployed: If you specialize in something other than what you have done in the past, you can increase the chances of obtaining an engineering job. Do you remember in the 90’s when it was easy to get a job as a detail draftsman? That’s because the jobs were plentiful, […]