Creo Level 9: Cable Harness Design & Schematics

This course is intended for Electrical engineers involved in the management of schematics, electrical cabling and wire harnesses design or technicians who work within harness design and development teams . In this course, participants will gain a healthy knowledge & practice routing cables and individual conductors within Creo assemblies using Creo Schematics and the Cable Harness Module. Participants will practice Creating 3D electrical harnesses through Creo assemblies using Creo Schismatics.

Creo Level 8: Schematics

This serious introduction Creo Schematics course is either a two-day or five-day intensive. This course enables participants to experience and practice the fast and easy creation and modification of even the most sophisticated routed system wiring, piping, or block diagrams. This intense study multi-discipline workshop meets the functionality needs of piping as well as cabling design. The last days of this workshop will help users with Creo Schematics so they can not only drive the routing of cables and pipes but to make significant changes using re-output from Creo Schematics. This course is for both electrical engineers or CAD technicians who are tasked to manage teams or to rout cables from these schematics.