Creo NC: Prototype and Production Machining

Creo NC is mainly used by mold makers and production and prototype machine shops. In addition, the Creo CNC eliminates the inaccuracies and inconvenience of exporting Creo geometry to third party machining software. Pro/NC is the premier programming system for families of parts with many variations of the same basic design.

Creo Level 12: Mechanism Dynamics Intensive

This course is intended as a two-day intensive on using Pro/Mechanism in detail with an emphasis on your specific interests if a longer customized course is necessary You will learn to use “connections” and “drivers” to build elegant assembly models using existing Pro/E parts, and you will learn how to convert an existing Pro/E assembly into a Pro/Mechanism assembly.

Creo Simulate Level 2: Detailed Drawing & Advanced Assembly

Participants in this class will learn to prepare detail drawings with modern drawing standards. Participants have the option to customize this course to fit their specific job requirements. Inquire: this class can be administered on weekends for more than two students.

Creo Level 6: Advanced Heavy User Custom

This is a fully customized course and can come with custom training materials or videos (separate quote). Often there is only one participant in this workshop, and is always customized ahead of time. This course will not be listed in the training schedule. Below is a short list that you or your group may want covered. Enjoy small class sizes!

Creo Level 7: Sheetmetal

This comprehensive suite of sheet metal design tools in Creo Pro/Sheetmetal helps users create features such as walls, bends, punches, notches, forms, and relief features.

Forging Part Design Workshop

The course and course is intended for design engineers interested in taking the forged manufacturing process and the use of CAID to the next level. The training material is designed to provide a working knowledge of the metal forging industry. The class is intended for designers and engineers who are designing forged parts using a parametric modeler.

Bart Brejcha: Creo Training

Bart Brejcha is the principal instructor at Design-Engine, primarily responsible for teaching the Creo Training classes.     Bart Brejcha: ProE training What do you do at Design-Engine? I teach specifically, the Creo courses. That is the Creo updated classes, Creo Surfacing, Pro/Cable or what we call cable harness design, Routed Systems Designer now branded […]

A Design Grad’s Perspective: The “ Why “ Manifesto

Having decided that my first contribution to the design community would not be a sterile technical article but something that could reach beyond our all-knowing-decision-taking cortex all the way down to the limbic system, I decided to share what has been my first “industry experience” as a senior student within a product design company based […]

Non-Degreed Detail Designers: Reassessing the Engineering Job Market

For those of you that are unemployed: If you specialize in something other than what you have done in the past, you can increase the chances of obtaining an engineering job. Do you remember in the 90’s when it was easy to get a job as a detail draftsman? That’s because the jobs were plentiful, […]

Testimonial – Laird Technologies (ProE Training)

To whom it may concern, I have used Design-Engine services in the past and have been satisfied with the ProE training provided. I have plans on using their services again in the near future for more training on Pro/Engineer. I have found that Design Engine is the best company for the type of training my […]

Testimonial: University of Chicago (ProE training)

To whom it may concern, I am a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Chicago. Several years ago, my research group began a project to build a far infrared camera for NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA). We chose to develop the instrument using Pro/Engineer (Pro/E), a program for developing and […]

Testimonial: St. Jude Medical (ProE Training)

Interview with Bart Genovese, Mechanical Designer at St. Jude Medical: Did you have to travel to Chicago for your training? Yes. From where and how helpful were we in assisting you with that process? From Minneapolis, MN. The list of places to stay, and the incredible discount at the Red Roof were very helpful! Our […]

Testimonial: Motorola (ProE Training)

To whom it may concern, It was hard to believe that with two degrees in Mechanical Engineering, I was unemployed after working with Tellabs in Chicago for 5 years. Luckily, I learned about DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION at a conference. I wanted to learn tools and techniques for surfacing and plastics, because I knew that would pay more. […]

Choosing the Right Training Facility

Engineering is a very broad field. Whether it involves figuring out how to design a new skyscraper or making sure a jet doesn’t buckle under extreme accelerations, engineering requires strong design and the collaboration of many hard-working individuals.