Creo Training Course Learning to Design Using Creo

This Creo Level 1 course is designed for new users who want to become proficient in Creo in just one week. Introduction to constraint based modeling, assembly, detailing, and making changes utilizing the latest release of Pro/ENGINEER are just a few of the skills you will gain in this intensive week of training. We will work in depth with you to help you learn Creo; not read to you from an exercise book. As with all Design-Engine classes, participants keep training materials, logins, and passwords for life, as new material is often added over time.

Creo 4.0 or Creo 5.0 Update Workshop

This Creo update training is designed for experienced users of older versions of pro engineer wildfire or Creo. Students will grasp parametric modeling techniques using the latest release of Creo (or other specified version as requested by student). Participants will study various new features and practice parametric modeling techniques to incorporate new functions into their workflow. Participants will compare and contrast differences of Wildfire 5.0 or earlier releases to Creo 3.0.

Creo Surfacing: Week One

This workshop has been specifically designed for designers and engineers who want to gain a high level of understanding using surfaces in just one week.

Rhino Level 3: Flamingo Rendering

General principles of rendering as it relates specifically to Rhino and Flamingo. Flamingo brings the features of AccuRender’s ray trace and radiosity rendering technology to Rhino.

Forging Part Design Workshop

The course and course is intended for design engineers interested in taking the forged manufacturing process and the use of CAID to the next level. The training material is designed to provide a working knowledge of the metal forging industry. The class is intended for designers and engineers who are designing forged parts using a parametric modeler.