Creo Level 14: Advanced Sheet Metal

This is an advanced Creo Sheetmetal course. Example sheetmetal items are small battery contacts, aircraft mounting brackets, electronics enclosures, larger stove/oven components, or auto panels to name a few.

Creo Level 7: Sheet Metal

Class is intended for design engineers looking to become experts at Creo Sheet metal all in two days. This comprehensive suite of Creo sheet metal design tools helps users create features such as walls, bends, punches, notches, forms, ribs (as sketched forms) and relief features. Using a variety of Y and K factor bend allowance calculations, designers can create a flattened state of their designs. The result is parametric, fully associative solid models of sheet metal parts and assemblies. Participants have the option to customize this course to fit project requirements.

Creo NC: Prototype and Production Machining

Creo NC is mainly used by mold makers and production and prototype machine shops. In addition, the Creo CNC eliminates the inaccuracies and inconvenience of exporting Creo geometry to third party machining software. Pro/NC is the premier programming system for families of parts with many variations of the same basic design.

Creo Level 7: Sheetmetal

This comprehensive suite of sheet metal design tools in Creo Pro/Sheetmetal helps users create features such as walls, bends, punches, notches, forms, and relief features.

Forging Part Design Workshop

The course and course is intended for design engineers interested in taking the forged manufacturing process and the use of CAID to the next level. The training material is designed to provide a working knowledge of the metal forging industry. The class is intended for designers and engineers who are designing forged parts using a parametric modeler.