Alias Level 1: Intro to Alias

Students will learn about Alias Studio surface modeling, and discuss general modeling approaches relating specifically to Alias Studio Tools.

Alias: Four Week Comprehensive

Introduction or intermediate intensive in depth focus into 3D modeling and rendering utilizing Alias Studio. Learn basics of modeling and shading with product designers.

Creo Level 12: Mechanism Dynamics Intensive

This course is intended as a two-day intensive on using Pro/Mechanism in detail with an emphasis on your specific interests if a longer customized course is necessary You will learn to use “connections” and “drivers” to build elegant assembly models using existing Pro/E parts, and you will learn how to convert an existing Pro/E assembly into a Pro/Mechanism assembly.

A History Lesson on Alias 3D Software

Understanding the history of a particular software and why it was created in the first place can be exciting and insightful, especially for those who are interested in or are currently using the software. Not only is the vision and idea behind the creation important but also the driving forces, the people behind it, and the projects and productions that utilized the tool. The founding of the Alias software changed the face of 3D Modeling and Animation as well as the engineering, design, gaming, entertainment, and film industries.