Steve Glochowsky: Account Manager

Steve Glochowsky


What do you do at Design-Engine?

I am in charge of sales and new business development at Design-Engine, Inc., and I take care of those who are looking for engineering & industrial design training.

What is your educational background?

Northwestern University – Chicago Campus

What are your work experiences?

Account Executive at CherryOne, Sales Manager at Digital Work, Account Executive at First Choice Yellow Pages, Account Manager at Innuity, and Senior Account Executive at Sprint Yellow Pages


What is your favorite quote?

“In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash!”

What is your favorite Chicago spot/event/thing to do?

I guess these days it’s Chicago food. Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Pizza, Chicago Style Hot Dogs, Al’s Italian Beef, Green River Soda Pop, Soul Food at Wishbone, and Jewish Food at Manny’s. When I go out of town, I get severe cravings for my “Chicago food” that I can’t get outside of Chicago!

Favorite industry resources?

Networking events

Favorite project that you worked on?

Every customer is a favorite project. I really enjoy working with and developing relationships with customers.

How would you explain Sales in three sentences to an 8-year old?

Taking care of people’s needs. Getting people to buy something from you. Keeping in touch with people so that they remember you.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what will the title of the book be?

“I Refuse to Get Old”

Other Interests

  • Baseball, both playing and coaching. The Chicago White Sox, more than a fan, I had two workouts with them in 1992. What I learned from the pros, I have taught to the kids I have coached over 11 seasons of coaching baseball. Laughing at the 106+ year losing streak of the hapless Chicago Cubs! Getting my son to where he is today, from teaching him to play baseball when he was 18 months old, coaching him all these years, to his being one of the top high school baseball prospects in the USA, with scouts from 4 major league teams scouting him during his freshman year of High School. He’s also a straight A honor roll student, by the way! Chicago Bulls basketball, Chicago Bears football.
  • Although I have lived in Chicago all of my life, I don’t like winter or snow. Ice is something you put in a drink. Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks, but no hockey, no skiing, no bobsledding, no ice skating, no snowmobiling for me. When winter leaves each year, I get really happy!
  • Moving away from sports, I like to get dressed up for a romantic dinner with my lady, followed by an evening at one of Chicago’s hottest hip hop clubs. I like to do things that keep me young.
  • I really enjoy drinking beer, specifically Heineken.
  • I play the drums. I am very much into jazz, R & B, and hip hop. I grew out of rock n’ roll years ago, but some of it I can still enjoy. I don’t like country music at all.

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