Sterling Plumbing - Kohler

Having several choices for training with CDRS, I chose to attend the DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION training workshop with Bart Brejcha. Some of my coworkers attended PTC CDRS training and felt that they had not been given real world surfacing challenges. DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION is not selling the software, thus they will not avoid showing you the problems that CDRS can have on certain surfacing models. DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION was very good at finding solutions to my surfacing issues, instead of avoiding those problems. I had some previous 3d modeling experience and after completing the course, I felt that the CDRS package is a very strong tool especially coupled with the integration of Pro/E.

The instructor’s background is very diverse, not only does his knowledge of CDRS helpful, but his emphasis on communication between the two platforms (Pro/E and CDRS) was excellent. There are many software programs and training choices available. With the help of DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION and Bart the instructor, I was very impressed and pleased with the training. Pro/E is the engineering software of choice, and having the ability to integrate CDRS driven data with Pro/E, alleviated our data bottleneck this gives the industrial designer more control over the final product.


Michael Seum
[email protected]
Industrial Designer
Sterling Company, Chicago, IL
(a subsidiary of Kohler Corp.)