Bart and Staff,

This spring I had the privilege of getting proe training by attending your ISDX II class at your office in Chicago. This was the second time I have taken your class, the first being in Nashville at the PTC World Event in 2004. Without a doubt, your class structure and method of teaching is by far the best that I have ever been exposed to. I have been using Pro/Engineer since the spring of 1994 with most of the training being provided by PTC direct. The majority of the classes provided by PTC or PTC affiliates are over structured and the instructors only teach what is outlined in the manual with the majority of the exercises being over simplified and failsafe. Your class was very relaxed with just enough structure to keep moving forward. The atmosphere was more lab like than classroom.

Quite often, our customers or suppliers say that Pro/Engineer doesn’t do surfaces very well but from what I have taught myself and from what I learned from my classes at Design Engine, I usually make believers out of them. I really enjoyed the time in class to work with various models using Pro/Surface, ISDX II or a combination of the two, even though the models were not related to my product, they were still very organic, curvy and swoopy shapes. The methods, tips and tricks that I have learned from Bart, has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of my models.

I will always recommend that Sears Manufacturing employees attend training at Design Engine and in fact, I am planning on taking classes every year, even if it is a repeat class.

Bill Tuma
Project Engineer
Sears Manufacturing Company
Davenport, IA