Scott Froemming: Operations Manager

 Scott Froemming: Operations Manager



What do you do at Design-Engine?

I wear many hats at Design Engine. I am the staff photographer and videographer. I assist in graphic design, web development and maintenance, as well as administration and account management. I enjoy working as a team to help people achieve their design goals.

What is your educational background?

Southern Illinois University: BFA in Mass Communication and Media Arts with an emphasis in Television Production and Public Relations.

What are your work experiences?


  • Video production and editing
  • Time lapse photography and graphic design
  • Website development and maintenance using HTML, WordPress

Keyes Center

  • Medical photography
  • Video production and editing
  • Website development and maintenance using HTML, Joomla
  • Administration, sales, and marketing

Anderson Western Colorado Camps

  • Staff photographer
  • Website development and maintenance using HTML
  • Whitewater rafting guide

Freelance Photography and Videography

  • Shot and edited several videos for various clients throughout the Chicagoland area
  • Director of Photography for an independent production, “Goodbye Guns” filmed in August 2013

Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions

  • Assisted in video production and editing
  • Administrative assistance


What is your favorite quote?

“The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.”

“When someone cooks for you, they are telling you about themselves.”
~Anthony Bourdain

What is your favorite Chicago spot / event / thing to do?

July perch fishing in Monroe or Montrose harbor

Favorite industry resources?

Favorite internet meme?


Favorite project that you worked on?

Director of Photography for Goodbye Guns, an independent film shot in Harvard, IL

How would you explain Videography in three sentences or less to an 8-year old?

Think of your favorite movie. What I do is create pictures and record noises. I bring these moments and sounds together to create a story and show it to the world.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what will the title of the book be?

“A Life Through the Lens”

Other Interests

      • Anything outdoors, nature, fishing, rock climbing,  snowboarding, camping, rafting, mountaineering and horseback riding
      • Cooking and baking, especially chili
      • Exploring new restaurants and bars, experimenting with new and exotic cuisine
      • Photography and videography are my passion and my career; I live to capture the moment


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