…that’ll break the bank.

Design Engine appreciates sleek design in whatever form it may take. Anyone who knows Bart Brejcha knows that his true love/obsession are motorbikes. So with that thought in mind, we’d like to showcase a new children’s ride.

Move aside Fisher- Price Power Wheels!! Czech designer Jerry Koza has created a sleek line of children’s torpedo scooters called Torpedo. For ONLY $1,100.00 (the Power Wheels cost $300 – $400), your kid can scooch on from one end of the house to the other on these mobile devices… instead of relying on a battery and “gas” pedal. They should be exercising anyway.

With laminate shells, some are painted to look like racecars, derbies, bananas, and even a Barbie-pink for all the gals. Although we love the shape, design, and polished look of this vehicle, we’re not quite sure if there are any safety precautions. Better keep the kids away from hills; they’ll be pulling muscles trying to go uphill and breaking bones on the way down.

So all in all, we can definitely appreciate the cool design. Sure, it could be the next toy your kid plays with for about a hot minute before moving onto the next best thing, but perhaps it should just stay as decor or an art piece you can show off to all of your guests or keep the $1,100 in your pocket. If I were a kid, ‘dI  rather have my very own Power Wheels so I could actually move faster than wobbling around. Plus, I’d save you $700, which you could use to buy me more things.

Article Written by: Justina Nguyen

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Children's Torpedo Scooter Children's Torpedo Scooter Children's Torpedo Scooter Children's Torpedo Scooter Children's Torpedo Scooter Children's Torpedo Scooter Children's Torpedo Scooter Children's Torpedo Scooter Child and Torpedo Scooter Child and Torpedo Scooter

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  1. Unless the $1,100 price is a typo, and it is should have been $110, someone is a greedy bastard and doesn’t understand marketing or economics. These things can’t cost more than $20 to make. I guess they will need that money to pay the lawsuits for injuries caused by the pointed end, or the deaths that result when some kid decides to ride it down the hill their street is on, and smacks a parked car at 45 MPH with no helmet. Can’t wait to see the first knock-off at Walmart for $75.00.
    I think its an awesome idea, but it ain’t worth its weight in gold, which is how it is priced (if $1,100 is correct).

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