ITT Industries

Dear Bart Brejcha,

I would like to personally thank you, as well as the Design Engine staff, for the Pro/Engineer Wildfire course I attended in August ’04. Before attending the Design Engine product design workshop I had a previous experience using Pro/Engineer. Only because of your class was I able to find full time employment within two weeks, with a salary exceeding my previous position by over 20k. I have no doubt that without your course I’d still be under-employed today.

Your course succeeded in giving me an abundant amount of skill within Pro/E in a comparatively short amount of time. I believe that the key to its success is your unique approach; by having a high ratio of teachers to students I was able to ask questions and have feedback immediately. Also, the course was set up to allow me to work at my own pace. The essence of your course is product design, which is the true difference between your course and its competitors. This is probably the main reason that I was able to impress to such an extent on my interview… I was given an offer two hours after my interview ended.


Kevin Anderson