Learning to Design with MODO

Course Duration: 16 hours or 40 hours

[accordion-item title=”Overview +” state=open]MODO is being used for some of the top companies like Honda, Oakley, and Trek Bicycles. The program is widely being adopted for it’s power to generate quick conceptual iterations to communicate highly convincing, professional product presentations to internal R&D teams. These high-fidelity look & feel visualization models are a powerful tool early on in the stages of the product development cycle, where they are used in corporate pipelines to communicate design intent to engineering, sales, and marketing teams.

With the Mesh Fusion plugin (live Booleans) MODO is one of the most powerful free-form Subdivision modeling tools currently available for designers today who want to create complex, sculptural designs. MODO’s built-in rendering package is in a league of its own, with hundreds of custom materials/texture effects and the ability to produce rendered images that are on-par with the most expensive studio photography quality. For use in manufacturing, MODO’s 3D file geometry be exported into other Parametric or Nurbs based modeling platforms (SolidWorks, Rhino, Alias) to produce high quality A-Class surface models suitable for 3D printing and production tooling.  [/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Prerequisite +” state=closed]None! A design aptitude is helpful. [/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Topics +” state=closed]This one week intensive workshop covers basic introduction to MODO’s tools, features, and navigation through the user interface, followed by Intermediate 3D modeling, surfacing training, and photorealistic rendering training. This is the perfect workshop for designers or engineers who want to be able to quickly and convincingly translate or “sketch” their design ideas into 3D, without being limited by typically time-intensive ID or engineering focused modeling tools. [/accordion-item]

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MODO for Design MODO for Design MODO for Design MODO for Design
MODO for Design MODO for Design MODO for Design MODO for Design
MODO for Design MODO for Design MODO for Design

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