To Who It May Concern

Here at Goodrich Aerospace, our chief CAD package for mechanical design is Pro/Engineer. My employment position at Goodrich Sensors requires me to have Pro/Engineer training and competency. I completed training at DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION in 1998. All of my work since then has been in contract positions for employment agencies. Many of the support positions require a wide skill set. However, the use of Pro/Engineer can involve a great variety of manufacturing personnel. Not only is the mechanical engineering department required to have Pro/Engineer skills, the manufacturing department, from machinist to drafting use different parts of the Pro/Engineer package. Competence in Pro/Engineer requires continually adapting CAD skills. Pro/Engineer is not stagnant software. Constant updates and new revisions require continual update training. Design Engine provided me with the skill set to becoming employable with my Pro/Engineer skills. Despite having a Bachelors degree in Engineering, without the proper software training, my skills were not marketable. I plan to further my employment prospects through more advanced Pro/Engineer training, and Design Engine will be a resource for this training.


Scott Kerr B.S.
Goodrich Sensors Systems