ATTENTION engineering students and grads!

Design Engine will be having an Open House on Thursday, Dec. 15th at 7pm. There will be modeling demos (Pro/E, Solidworks, Maya, Rhino, Alias, etc.), discussions, networking, job hunting, and just getting nerdy cool.

With the job market in the engineering and industrial design fields these days, being proficient in various CAD softwares will secure you an entry-level job spot. Most often, engineering schools and universities teach you the theories and the basics of engineering — while giving you a taste of CAD software (if they even do). But they don’t go into higher level training of modeling, surfacing, or work flow.

If you know the software, then you can get a better and higher paying job. With our intensive one-on-one customized training, you can become proficient in these softwares in a short amount of time and better your chances of landing a job right out of school! Why not take an extra couple of weeks to learn and understand the software and add this skill to your resume?

Not only do we offer CAD training but we also offer career services. We have an extensive database of tens of thousands of contacts that can be used at your disposal to book your first gig!

Oh, did I mention that there will be FREE pizza and beer (or soda)? Yep, so take a study break and come join us.

Check out our gig poster above for details.

Please RSVP soon to [email protected]!

Article written by: Justina Nguyen