Creo Sheet Metal Training

Creo Sheet Metal Training

Creo Sheet metal Training Level 1

Course Duration: 16 Hours

Tuition: $1,200 US

Overview: This comprehensive suite of Creo sheet metal design tools helps users create features such as walls, bends, punches, notches, forms, ribs (as sketched forms) and relief features. Using a variety of Y and K factor bend allowance calculations, designers can create a flattened state of their designs. The result is parametric, fully associative solid models of sheet metal parts and assemblies. Participants have the option to customize this course to fit project requirements. Ask to speak to the instructor before your class date.

Projects: Several brackets, deep drawn form, and combination. Curriculum can be combined with Creo Surfacing tools for automobile sheet metal functions or for smaller battery contacts to mating components such as sheet metal boxes to house a computer power supply.

Onsite Training: This and all Design-engine courses are offered onsite at your facility. Call to speak to an account manager to arrange a class 312.226.8339 today.

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Prerequisites: 400 hours minimum experience with Creo and a willingness to learn.


  • Basics of Creo Sheetmetal
  • Bends
  • Extruded walls
  • Swept walls
  • Reliefs, no Relief, Stretch, Rip, Rect, Obroundburnertool601
  • Rips
  • Hems
  • Bend, Unbend, and Bend-back
  • Form features and making drawings with flattened geometries


  • Discuss differences between Creo Sheet metal thin features and Creo Sheetmetal
  • Discuss designing sheet metal parts
  • Flatten out the part to visualize design and manufacturing needseyelet601
  • Learn to make Drawings of the sheet metal part, incorporating Dimensions, Bend Order tables, Flat Patterns and fully designed parts
  • Discuss order of feature creation
  • Discuss various workflow ideals for including or not including the flattened state in a drawing
  • Discuss adding formed ribs for strength in a multitude of techniques
  • Discuss warn out tooling and how to compensate using Bend Tables
  • Compare Creo 3.0 iconography
  • Alternate sheet metal modeling techniques.
  • Discuss what to avoid when designing sheet metal parts.
  • Discuss modeling techniques such as starting out with non sheet metal models and converting to sheet metal as a


  • Layout and develop Pivot Bracket. 3/32″ Aluminum bracket then add a Flat State instance
  • Build another bracket with bends and extruded walls with a variety of challenges
  • Model dust cover for back of computer using stamp (form features)
  • Create multiple parts that lock together such as a sheet metal computer power supply
  • Convert an enclosure to sheet metal from a solid geometry and discuss a wide variety of convert too


Introduction to constraint based modeling using the Creo Sheetmetal module making changes utilizing the latest release of Pro/ENGINEER. This Creo sheet metal training course is developed for new users who want to become proficient learning Creo Sheet metal all in one week. We help you learn Creo not read to you from an exercise. In this course we help design engineers learn how to make changes quickly to set them up for becoming expert faster. As with all Design-engine classes participants keep the training material login and password for life.


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Creo Sheetmetal Creo Sheetmetal Creo Sheetmetal Pro Engineer Pro Sheetmetal

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Video Training Delivery System:

Ask your Design Engine account manager about the Design-engine Video Training Delivery System or TDS for short. We have prepared this entire class in an easy to follow guide for designers and engineers who may want this TDS as a supplement to this course. Call today to speak to an Account manager about the details 312.226.8339

*Please note that prices listed on this page are based upon pre-payment prior to the start of the class and does not include the Design-engine Video training Delivery System. The TDS is available as an additional cost to this course. Call for details 312.226.8339

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