To whom it may concern,

We are facing a crossroads in America. It can be reasonably argued that long-established and ill conceived trade policies have very effectively conspired against the American worker. The fact that today, not only low wage jobs but skilled engineering positions are being exported points to the continuing need for aggressive ongoing skills enrichment that will keep our labor force the most productive in the world.

The value in an employee is their ability to add intelligence to their labor, to their employer and to the company at large. The lifelong punch-press operator is decomposing in the peat bog of American business history. It is the skilled user of intelligent software that will be the new driver of the economy in this globalized market. It is the skilled user of software, used as a force-multiplier that is our future.

It has been my experience and the experience of my peers that DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION of Chicago, Illinois is one of the highest caliber providers of complex training in the use and application of Pro/Engineer mechanical design automation software.

As a note to someone outside the product design and engineering community: Pro/Engineer is the preeminent product definition software platform for mechanical product design engineering and it is a driver of the world economy as well as our own. A skilled engineer, speaking through this tool, can control milling machines in Asia, injection-molding machines in Singapore and stamping presses in Bangalore. Furthermore, once trained in the deeper recesses of this powerful and rich tool: the user can communicate his or her engineering concepts and knowledge to workers throughout the world.

Mr. Brecha’s firm employs a very personalized and extremely intensive three-week regimen that results in a truly deepened skill-set and understanding of the methodology behind said tools. I never hesitate to grant interviews to Design Engine graduates.

Warmest regards,

Walter Raczynski
VP Engineering