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Computer Sciences Corporation

I attended the ISDX course delivered by Bart Brejcha from DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION and overall I thought the course was very successful and did indeed send the students out of the course excited about the new skills learned.

The course was run over two fairly intensive days. All of the attendees were proficient Pro/Engineer users and this was essential because, the way the course was run, lesser users would have struggled.

As promised, the method of training was very different both from other courses that I have attended and also the courses that I deliver myself. The first thing I noticed was that there was no training notes! Initially this appeared to be a bad idea but looking back on the style of training, at the end of the day, it didn’t really affect the success of the course. However, I still think the course could be improved if a set of notes were provided. This is for two reasons:

  • Firstly, once Bart had completed his demonstration on the workstation he simply told us to go and redo what he’d just shown us. This initially was tricky because I found myself trying to remember the steps he had demonstrated rather than the techniques that he had used. To overcome this I began taking notes and drawing diagrams whilst Bart was performing the demonstrations. With these notes, Bart’s training style worked exceptionally well because I was then free to recall and concentrate on the techniques that he had demonstrated rather than try and remember everything that he had shown us. In many ways this method of training was now proving more successful than the use of step-by-step notes because I was having to think about what I was doing rather than simply following instructions.
  • Secondly, it would have been nice to have had a set of notes to refer back to when using ISDX outside of the training course. However, this is covered by the Design Engine website, proetools.com, which includes all the tutorials performed during the training.

Throughout the course, the instructor Bart Brejcha, was both extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the ISDX tool. This enthusiasm was passed on to myself and the other trainees and could be seen during the hands-on exercises where trainees were not only repeating what had been demonstrated but also furthering the models by utilizing the newly acquired skills. This alone provided a means of measuring the success of the training as it demonstrated that not only had the trainees learnt new skills, they were keen to get on and use them.

Overall I feel the course was very successful and I thoroughly enjoyed both days as, it would appear, did the other people attending the course. In addition to teaching me ISDX, as a result of this course I could now consider building some of the training techniques employed by DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION into my own Pro/Engineer training courses delivered to MBDA.

With this in mind, I think the following conclusions can be made from the ISDX training provided to us by DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION.

  • As with all training, it is essential to have the tool available immediately or very soon after the course.
  • The style of training employed by DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION proved very successful for proficient Pro/Eengineer users. If this style of training is used for future courses then the proposed trainees must be to the standard set out in the course pre-requisites. If not then not only will the trainees struggle but the overall course will suffer as a result
  • The objectives of the course were met and all of the trainees were enthusiastic about putting the newly acquired skills into practice.
  • The training provided was a success and I would recommend DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION for similar sessions in the future.

Mark Flowerdew
Specialist CAE Applications Engineer
Computer Sciences Corporation
MBDA Account

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