Hi Bart and Michael, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to teach me Pro Surface and ISDX last week during the surfacing class. I had an excellent time learning surfacing and I feel as though I will be using this tool more effectively and efficiently because of the class. I really liked […]

Testimonial – Laird Technologies (ProE Training)

To whom it may concern, I have used Design-Engine services in the past and have been satisfied with the ProE training provided. I have plans on using their services again in the near future for more training on Pro/Engineer. I have found that Design Engine is the best company for the type of training my […]

Testimonial: Spectratec Corporation (ProE Training)

After researching many CDRS Pro/Designer training possibilities, our firm decided to go with DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION. Their instructors are experts that draw from eclectic backgrounds to create a custom learning experience that one can’t get from a standard classroom setting. Their extensive knowledge and expertise enabled me to prepare and solve real world design problems. The intensive […]

Testimonial: Millennium Global Technology, Inc.

Prior to the class (Pro/Engineer), I talked to Bart. He clearly understood my Surfacing issues, yet I remained skeptical… Would my performance be improved? Bart should be commended for being knowledgeable, organized, and a polished instructor. Many of my surfacing issues were resolved as he showed me the Pro/E tools to develop and control complex […]

Testimonial: Sterling/Kohler Co.

Having several choices for training with CDRS, I chose to attend the DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION training workshop with Bart Brejcha. Some of my coworkers attended PTC CDRS training and felt that they had not been given real world surfacing challenges. DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION is not selling the software, thus they will not avoid showing you the problems that CDRS […]

Testimonial: Guidant

The advanced surface training I received from Bart has been of great value to me as a mechanical designer. The techniques he taught me have allowed me to create more organized and robust models, achieve results I used to believe were beyond the scope of Pro/Surface, and work faster. Bart’s grasp of surfacing is by […]

Testimonial: Computer Sciences Corporation

I attended the ISDX course delivered by Bart Brejcha from DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION and overall I thought the course was very successful and did indeed send the students out of the course excited about the new skills learned. The course was run over two fairly intensive days. All of the attendees were proficient Pro/Engineer users and this […]

Testimonial: control+alt+design, ltd.

To whom it may concern, We are facing a crossroads in America. It can be reasonably argued that long-established and ill conceived trade policies have very effectively conspired against the American worker. The fact that today, not only low wage jobs but skilled engineering positions are being exported points to the continuing need for aggressive […]

Testimonial: Beyond Design (Pro Engineer Training)

I have worked with Design Engine for over 8 years and found their Pro Engineer training to be the best resource for educating designers and engineers in todays competitive market. Pro/Engineer is by far the most powerful and preferred product development tool used in our industry. Knowledge of this software enables our designers and engineers […]

Testimonial: SRAM Corporation (Pro Engineer Training)

To whom it may concern: I would like to recommend the services of DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION for Pro Engineer training on both a beginning and advanced level. I found that the instructor, Bart Brejcha did an excellent job of teaching basic surfacing as well as some valuable Pro/E tactics. These tactics have already saved me quite a […]

Testimonial: Brooks Stevens Design (Photoshop Training)

I’m writing to thank the Design Engine team for putting together an excellent training workshop. This was my first educational experience through Design Engine, and I walked away very impressed. I started the class with a pretty solid base of Photoshop knowledge, yet the 2-day training expanded my knowledge and technique considerably. Our instructor had […]

Testimonial: Sears Manufacturing Company (ProE Training)

Bart and Staff, This spring I had the privilege of getting proe training by attending your ISDX II class at your office in Chicago. This was the second time I have taken your class, the first being in Nashville at the PTC World Event in 2004. Without a doubt, your class structure and method of […]

Testimonial: ITT Industries

Dear Bart Brejcha, I would like to personally thank you, as well as the Design Engine staff, for the Pro/Engineer Wildfire course I attended in August ’04. Before attending the Design Engine product design workshop I had a previous experience using Pro/Engineer. Only because of your class was I able to find full time employment […]

Testimonial: Wilbert, Inc.

Dear Sir or Madam: I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2002 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. I entered the work force with experience from a two year Internship. When I graduated, jobs were scarce. I ended up with a job as a manager for a large corporation […]

Testimonial: NDI

To whom it may concern, The Atkinson Design “Design Engine” workshop in Toronto proved an invaluable resource for our advanced surfacing and ISDX training requirements. The unique and refreshing training methodology administered by Bart Brejcha was the principal reason for fostering an environment that led to “Extreme Learning”. We learned not only “How” but also […]

Testimonial: Goodrich

To Who It May Concern Here at Goodrich Aerospace, our chief CAD package for mechanical design is Pro/Engineer. My employment position at Goodrich Sensors requires me to have Pro/Engineer training and competency. I completed training at DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION in 1998. All of my work since then has been in contract positions for employment agencies. Many of […]

Testimonial: BMW

Bart, This is just a note to say thanks for the ISDX training course I attended last month. The course was very informative and I’m sure I learned more about free form surfacing modeling than if I had taken the course elsewhere. I have already imparted my new found knowledge to my colleagues who are […]

Testimonial: Ericsson Electronics

I am writing this letter to inform those interested in taking Advanced Surface Training with Bart Brejcha that this training class was probably the most informative and useful class I’ve ever taken. I have used Pro/E exclusively since 1991 for companies like Mercury Marine, Motorola, CASE, Ariens Co., Harley-Davidson, and numerous others. My Job assignments […]

Testimonial: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation (ProE Training)

To whom it may concern, The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation has used and is continuing to use DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION for Proe related training. We design power tools for the professional and DYI (do it yourself) users in markets around the world. We have a constant employment demand for mechanical engineers with CAD training. DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION has trained […]

Testimonial: NASA (Pro Engineer Training)

To Whom It May Concern, NASA Johnson Space Center sent me to train in Pro/Engineer software with Bart Brejcha. I was consulting for the Exploration group at NASA, which plans futuristic space missions, and learned Pro/Engineer to model spacecrafts and calculate radiation intensities. Many radiations in space are dangerous for a crew and the only […]

Testimonial: University of Chicago (ProE training)

To whom it may concern, I am a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Chicago. Several years ago, my research group began a project to build a far infrared camera for NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA). We chose to develop the instrument using Pro/Engineer (Pro/E), a program for developing and […]

Testimonial: St. Jude Medical (ProE Training)

Interview with Bart Genovese, Mechanical Designer at St. Jude Medical: Did you have to travel to Chicago for your training? Yes. From where and how helpful were we in assisting you with that process? From Minneapolis, MN. The list of places to stay, and the incredible discount at the Red Roof were very helpful! Our […]

Testimonial: Motorola (ProE Training)

To whom it may concern, It was hard to believe that with two degrees in Mechanical Engineering, I was unemployed after working with Tellabs in Chicago for 5 years. Luckily, I learned about DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION at a conference. I wanted to learn tools and techniques for surfacing and plastics, because I knew that would pay more. […]