The Brainstorming Process Is B.S. But Can We Rework It?

Read this article and share your thoughts!! TWO RECENT ARTICLES ARGUE THAT BRAINSTORMING DOESN’T MAKE PEOPLE MORE CREATIVE. SO HOW MIGHT WE REMAKE THE BRAINSTORMING PROCESS, GIVEN WHAT SCIENCE TELL US? The business practice of brainstorming has been around with us so long that it seems like unadorned common sense: If you want a rash […]

TEAMS Design Party (in honor of the Chicago Auto Show)

UPDATE: To see the event’s photos: click HERE. WHEN: February 10, 2012 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM WHERE: 1812 W. Hubbard Street Chicago, IL 60622 Map it! TEAMS Design is hosting a party in honor of the Chicago Auto Show. Meet and mingle with IDSA members and automotive design enthusiasts from across the country at […]

3 Tips For Designers: Making People Love to Work with You

To be a great designer, you don’t only have to walk the walk, you also need to talk the talk. I’m a product development project manager with a small New York start-up in China and I love to work with creatives from around the world. Here is my very short list of the simple things […]

Electrification 2.0 (A Second Act for Tesla)

Tesla Motors the company that brought back the electric car form the wilderness and in fact gave allure and glamour to electric cars in the guise of the boutique 2 seater performance car is now gearing up for what may be the make or break of the California based company. The introduction of the Model […]

Harvard Business Review Blog: “Why I Hire People Who Fail”

A few weeks ago, I wrote about avoiding social media failures. I briefly mentioned our company’s “Failure Wall” and was surprised by the number of comments and questions I received about it. What’s the purpose? How does it work? And what other kinds of things do you do in that crazy office of yours? The […]

Bridgestone Unveils Airless Tires

Designers have been having a field day the past few years, coming up with innovative ways to make cars, motorcycles and other vehicles more environmentally friendly. But one thing tends to remain constant — the tires. For the most part, they’re still rubber, they’re still full of air, and they eventually wear out or go […]

Army Developing Next-Generation Helicopter

The featured image above is a computer-generated imagery of one of several configurations that the US Army is looking at as part of the initial development work on its next-generation helicopters. (US Army imagery), WASHINGTON — The Pentagon and the U.S. Army are in the early stages of a far-reaching Science & Technology effort designed […]

Helmet Design Contest: Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship 2012

The details:
 The top 4 U.S. ice-cross downhill athletes from Red Bull Crashed Ice, Saint Paul, will represent team USA throughout the remaining 2012 world series events. The challenge:
 Show us how you’d wrap the heads of team USA. Submit your unique helmet design by 1/08/12 for a chance to win fame, glory and cool […]

02 Pursuit Motorcycle Runs On Compressed Air

A vehicle that runs on air. It sounds like a fantastic idea, but energy is still needed to compress the air and the losses that go hand-in-hand with converting energy still have to be taken into account, just as in fossil fuel-based propulsion systems. Pros and cons aside, we still haven’t seen air powered transport […]

A Design Grad’s Perspective: The “ Why “ Manifesto

Having decided that my first contribution to the design community would not be a sterile technical article but something that could reach beyond our all-knowing-decision-taking cortex all the way down to the limbic system, I decided to share what has been my first “industry experience” as a senior student within a product design company based […]

Real World Design Challenge for Future Engineers

There’s nothing quite like real world experience for engaging students.  And engineers, notorious for their passion to work hands-on, know this better than anyone.  That’s the motivation behind the Real World Design Challenge sponsored in part by PTC.  Every year RWDC presents high school students across the US with an actual design challenge being faced […]

GrabCAD Review: Engineering Community with Free CAD Library

GrabCAD is a community founded by mechanical engineers. It is also a place for engineers to share their talent, expand knowledge, find a dream project and work with tools and features that make life better. Their HQ is located in Boston, MA with the development team in Estonia. Becoming a Member for FREE GrabCAD is […]

CAD Upstart Gives Designers Holographic View

Objects in zSpace appear “solid” in open space, allowing users to manipulate them directly as if they were real physical objects. “Talk about an unusual and cutting-edge way to interact with CAD and other design tools. Infinite Z, which bills itself as a startup although it’s been around in development mode since 2007, has launched […]

Genetic Algorithms for Optimization

A genetic algorithm is a search heuristic for optimization given a set of guidelines. The algorithm works with different kinds of strings of data that represent an object. The purpose of the algorithm is to select ideal output from a programmed environment.

Awesome Art: SRAM Part Project

Here’s a box of 100 SRAM high-performance bike components. Now make something of it. That’s the challenge SRAM laid down for a group of noted artists from across the country, handpicked by Milwaukee’s art Guru Terrence Coffman and SRAM’s very own Marketing Chief David Zimberoff. The participating artists more than met this challenge. The works […]


The XC2V FLYPMode is one imposing looking vehicle. Also known as the Experimental Crowd-derived Combat Support Vehicle, DARPA has billed this mean machine as the “first crowd-sourced, militarily relevant vehicle design.” After being selected as the winning entry to DARPA’s design-the-next-Humvee competition, Local Motors tricked out the XC2V FLYPMode in just 14 weeks. For now, […]

Design-Engine Open House for ANY Student or Grad! FREE food & beer!

ATTENTION engineering students and grads! Design Engine will be having an Open House on Thursday, Dec. 15th at 7pm. There will be modeling demos (Pro/E, Solidworks, Maya, Rhino, Alias, etc.), discussions, networking, job hunting, and just getting nerdy cool. With the job market in the engineering and industrial design fields these days, being proficient in […]

The 8 Worst Fonts In The World

The 8 Worst Fonts In The World In “Just My Type”, Simon Garfield counts down his least favorite typefaces. And Comic Sans isn’t among them. “We’d need another book, of course, to do this justice. And where would one start?” Fonts are like cars on the street-we notice only the most beautiful or ugly, the […]

Colorado PTC User Group (COPUG) Annual Meeting 2011

Each Region or PTCUSER chapter has a meeting of the minds once or twice per year where Pro/Engineer users gather together to share their knowledge. This November 11th PTC User conference is no different. It is being held in Denver CO at the Colorado School of Mines and hosted by the Colorado PTC User Group […]

A History Lesson on Alias 3D Software

Understanding the history of a particular software and why it was created in the first place can be exciting and insightful, especially for those who are interested in or are currently using the software. Not only is the vision and idea behind the creation important but also the driving forces, the people behind it, and the projects and productions that utilized the tool. The founding of the Alias software changed the face of 3D Modeling and Animation as well as the engineering, design, gaming, entertainment, and film industries.

Non-Degreed Detail Designers: Reassessing the Engineering Job Market

For those of you that are unemployed: If you specialize in something other than what you have done in the past, you can increase the chances of obtaining an engineering job. Do you remember in the 90’s when it was easy to get a job as a detail draftsman? That’s because the jobs were plentiful, […]

AI: From “A” to “B”

AI: “Artificial intelligence is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it.” – Definition from Wikipedia Having a robot or virtual agent (an example of a virtual agent could be characters in a video game) navigate a space or obstacle course can be a difficult task to plan […]

Machinery’s Handbook 28 Giveaway!!

Design Engine Education is giving away a free Machinery’s Handbook 28 to one lucky twitter-er!!! Rules of the Giveaway: Eligible Candidates: Must have a Twitter Account Must follow @DesignEngine Must RT (retweet) our giveaway Can tweet as much as you’d like The more tweets you tweet, the better your chances are!! We will then contact […]

2011 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (and Ferrari World)

This racetrack blows all American, European, and Asian ones out of the water. This race is located in Abu Dhabi. Why? Located at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, Abu Dhabi [the capital of the United Arab Emirates], it is the ideal location to host an event such as the Grand Prix, accessible to […]

Neocon 2011

Besides the fact that attending designers should have probably pre-registered two weeks in advance or pay the $25 penalty (which I gladly paid), this year’s Neocon did not disappoint. In a way, the penalty cost reminded us to prepare for such an event… and that we really are in a recession still. Or probably to […]

Central Ohio PTC User Conference Review

Deisgn Engine’s Pro/Engineer Guru, Bart Brejcha attended the May 17th meeting to speak about Creo/Pro Elements Surfacing Best Practices, to listen on other discussions, and to mix and mingle with engineers and other industry folks.

Golden Ratio and CSS

When designing the visual aspect to a website or creating images in general the dilemma of choosing proportions inevitably comes up. By choosing proportions I mean the idea of designing a space to hold the informational content of a website or visual information of an image. Occasionally these decisions are made simpler when making the proportions of information container boxes (which I will refer to as a “div” from now on) just big enough to contain the information.

Lustrous Children’s Torpedo Scooter…

Design Engine appreciates sleek design in whatever form it may take. Anyone who knows Bart knows that his true love are motorbikes. Here, we’d like to showcase a new children’s ride that’s sure to empty your wallet.

T-Splines Kickoff to Design Engine’s Rhino Training Class!

Design Engine is offering a special FREE event. From Monday, May 2nd to Friday, May 6th, Design Engine will be teaching a special one-week intensive on Rhino. After the class, the T-Splines instructor will be presenting a two-hour T-Splines presentation on the following Monday, May 9th. The same presenter will then be teaching a 2-day T-Splines workshop over the next two days [Tuesday, May 10th & Wednesday, May 11th]