Beyond Design

I have worked with Design Engine for over 8 years and found their Pro Engineer training to be the best resource for educating designers and engineers in todays competitive market. Pro/Engineer is by far the most powerful and preferred product development tool used in our industry. Knowledge of this software enables our designers and engineers to develop intricate products with perfect tolerances for manufacturing. Using this software also enables us to provide our clients with faster turnaround time to market which is necessary in today’s economy.

The training offered by Design Engine is hands on and in a short 3-week program, our designers have the knowledge to start developing parts. I also encourage and support our designers to continually go back for training and further their knowledge on new features that are being added to software updates. In our industry knowledge and speed are required to be competitive. Without these tools we would not be in business today.

When hiring new designers and engineers to my company I require CAD skills that include Pro/Engineer. Candidates that do not have knowledge and ability to use this software are not considered.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Design Engine or the services we provide to our industry.


Michael D. Prince
President, Beyond Design, Inc.