Creo Surfacing: Using Surfaces WEEK ONE (Alternate)

Creo Surfacing : Surfaces as Tools Intensive Course Duration: 32 or 40 hrs hours (or whatever your needs are) This is the Design Engine WEEK ONE alternate for engineering technicians not interested in learning surfaces to manage form. [accordion autoclose=false openfirst=true clicktoclose=true] [accordion-item title=”Overview +” state=open]This workshop has been specifically designed to work for those […]

Advanced MODO For Design

This is an Advanced-level workshop that’s catered to designers who are already familiar using MODO or other Subdivision modelers (3DS Max, Maya, etc.).

Learning to Design with MODO

This one week intensive workshop covers basic introduction to MODO’s tools, features, and navigation through the user interface, followed by Intermediate 3D modeling, surfacing training, and photorealistic rendering training.

Jeremy Dixon: Account Manager/Junior Web Developer

                  Professional What do you do at Design Engine? I am building the new Design Engine website which has been designed by the wise Liz Wisdom. What is your educational background? Theater. I used to live truthfully within imaginary circumstances in front of crowds of anonymous onlookers. […]

Liz Wisdom: Graphic and Digital Designer

                  Professional What do you do at Design Engine? Graphic design, web design, social media images and print. If something needs to be made for marketing or in-house, I’m the gal you go to. What is your educational background? After recieving an associates in criminal justice from […]

Creo 4.0 Update Training

This Creo update training is designed for experienced users of older versions of Pro/Engineer Wildfire, or Creo. Participants will learn to grasp parametric modeling techniques using the latest release of Creo (or other specified version as requested by student). This course will cover various new features, and have participants practice parametric modeling techniques to incorporate new functions into their workflow. Participants will compare and contrast differences of Wildfire 5.0 or earlier releases to Creo 3.0.

Creo Weld

Creo Weld: Top-Down Design & Detailed Drawings  Course Duration: 16/32/40 Hours [accordion autoclose=false openfirst=true clicktoclose=true] [accordion-item title=”Overview +” state=open] Participants in this Creo Weld classes will learn the weld utility and generate respective detail drawings with modern drawing standards. Participants have the option to customize this course to fit their unique job requirements.  We offer 16, […]

Paige Gawrys: Business Development Intern

What do you do at Design-Engine? I am the Business Development intern for the Summer of 2017. What is your educational background? I am currently and undergraduate Management major in my final year at University of Illinois at Chicago. I am also a proud member of UIC’s prestigious Honors College. What are your work experiences? […]