THE PILLARS OF DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION: Our Product & Industrial Design Training Methodology to Learn Creo or for Solidworks Training.

Non-Intimidating Environment

Design Engine ensures a comfortable environment, which is optimal for the learning experience. We are headquartered in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood near an abundance of boutique restaurants, shops and activities for participants to enjoy during their stay. Each course has limited available seats. This allows the course to work at the student’s pace and a truly beneficial interaction between the student and the instructor. Due to such small class sizes, each student can work at his or her own pace without feeling like they are ahead or behind. Instructors are able to help students who struggle through the more difficult areas and further challenge those who excel. Our instructors can also administer training in older versions of software to meet the student’s or company’s needs.

Main Categories of classes at Design-engine

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Solidworks Training Classes
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Renowned Instructors

The instructors who teach at DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION are renowned for their industry expertise and professionalism. They are working designers and engineers who actually use the software they teach professionally, unlike many typical certified courses administered by software manufacturers. Our instructors also have an encyclopedic knowledge of the software and can relate its use in real world taskchair603examples in class. For example, in a class tailored for Yamaha, one of the participants in the class asked the instructor about point cloud data and modeling motorcycle seats. During the 45-minute lunch break the instructor modeled the motorcycle seat around the point cloud data utilizing the modeling techniques recently presented in the class. These courses have been meticulously scrutinized, developed and matured by industry leaders and employers who keep us abreast of what skills are needed in the workplace. These are the skills and techniques we focus on to help our students excel in industry.

Rhino 3d Classes

Techniques For Training

DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION is a training organization that specializes in the training of Mechanical Engineers and Industrial Designers. Our innovative way to learn Creo or specific Creo training style is widely praised for not only teaching the software, but also for fostering a mind set that incorporates all elements of design and engineering to enhance student capabilities. In class we discuss how to manage our manager’s expectations, estimate hrs for projects and how to approach a project for example. Our goal is to empower participants with the knowledge and experience to utilize the design tools needed to get projects completed accurately and efficiently.

Solidworks Stapler created with Top Down Design
Solidworks Stapler created with Top Down Design

Unlike many other training organizations, we begin with a complete model and work backwards through the model. Additionally, we are an independent company and as such are not beholden to any software manufacturer. Meaning we teach many techniques and shortcuts that aren’t found in step-by-step or book read curriculum of more traditional training organizations. Because of our desire to teach design as a part of training and our use compelling models in our course materiel, we capture the participants attention and keep the attention throughout the course. We teach Solidworks in the same way. Basically the same class as with Creo we administer Solidworks training in the same approach as described above.

DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION has learned that much more material can be covered if the focus is on solving problems. This way keeps the participants mind focused on the end goal. Take a look at what some of our past students say about our training in the Testimonials section of the website.

Career Services: Young And Seasoned Contractors

The faculty and staff at DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION are committed to helping you find the career you are looking for or excel in your present career. course We are your advocates and we want to help you grow with skills and technique. Your success is of utmost importance to us. We also provide help with your resume and offer insightful interview tips. In the design-world, our highly recognizable name can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door at your dream job. We maintain an active relationship with contract agencies such as Aerotek, Peak Technical, Black Diamond, Oxford International, Butler. These contract agencies actively recruit from our resume bank of past students.


DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION has been in business for over ten years conducting training as early as 1994 to contractors. Since 1998 our regular, international clients include BMW, GE, Motorola, Caterpillar, Kohler, NASA, Skill/Bosch, Nike, Harley-Davidson, and Sony Ericsson.

penske rear shock
diecast aluminum parts come together in this Penske Rear shock for a sportbike

These companies offer a testament to our successful education and learning techniques. Our CAD software training techniques and instructors’ attitudes awaken the minds of users to develop far beyond that of the minds left to a self-paced or book-read learning environment used by standard classes. Our specialized and focused courses are offered throughout the year. DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION instructors are flexible to accommodate your busy schedule. For example, if you and a few contractors want a class but travel is a problem, Design-Engine will set up shop in a hotel near your work and bring the training to you – even on the weekend! We encourage you to visit and tour our state-of-the-art training center and meet our world-renowned instructors.

“We travel the world teaching specific modeling techniques that go beyond your typical step-by-step training offered by software resellers or VAR as they are often refered that only know enough about the software to teach a specific class.”

Did we mention that we Grill on our Rooftop several times a week (when weather permits, of course)? deeplabsgrilling
Design Engine Office

To contact a training administrator, go to our Get Started form and give us information on your unique situation or pick up the phone and call us. 312.226.8339