Take a look at what our clients and past trainees have to say about our industrial and product design training programs at DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION

Interview with Bart Genovese, a Mechanical Designer at St. Jude Medical.


Dell Inc.

“I wanted to say thank you for the training and for coming even when you were so sick. I learned a LOT that week and I’m still using the tricks you taught us almost daily. I hope to get some more in-depth surfacing training from you soon!”

-Toni Ferreira, Dell Inc.

DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION has provided me with a more than solid foundation for Surfacing and ISDX, due to its innovative methodology of transferring knowledge, and the environment where the classes are imparted… The courses are intended to take real world approaches to solve real world problems. Instructed by real class designers not by instructors following manuals or tutorials to the letter like most of other places I’ve taken classes…”

“Bart is an expert on Proe, Creo, Maya, and various other CAD softwares he teaches Classes both at Design Engine and onsite at companies. Although I’ve never taken one of his classes I expect they would be a great experience for anyone taking them. I have participated in numerous online CAD forums in solving problems and discussing and comparing excellent solutions to those problems.  I’ve found that we think about and know many things about PTC products as well as SolidWorks and other excellent Surfacing Tools. Many PTC training classes teach specific step by step manner and are very inefficient in a comparison of cost to benefit. “


Otto Engineering

“The Cad training we received was such an eye-opening experience and I say that because I’ve been trained through PTC FOREVER. Bart took training to a whole other level. One of the many things I liked about the class was Bart didn’t go by the book like PTC does. He showed us how to create robust, modifiable cad models that you can change rapidly without fail, saving our company time and money. He also showed us several different design philosophies to get the same result when creating complex surfaces and shapes. You do not learn this stuff from PTC, and they created the software. Bart also took the time and explained why some approaches are better than others in creating these complex 3D cad models making the three of us better designers/engineers. I also liked how Bart relied on his expansive knowledge of industrial design and how we can apply it to our designs making them even more pleasing to the eye and hand. Overall, the only thing I wish we could have changed was the length of the training. 3 days wasn’t enough, in my opinion.

One last thing, we really enjoyed the food we ate while we were down there. It was such a great time getting to know all of you guys on a personal level as well. You guys made our training experience worth the time and money.”

-Jim Kildew, Otto Engineering



Roush Industries

“I wanted to quickly send you a note on how impressed I was with the surfacing class, and how it has quickly improved my surfacing skills. I have taken PTC online tutorials before, and the only thing I ever learned was where to point and click to make a surface. Never learned why I was clicking and what the different surfacing techniques are and the advantages of each. Your class answered those questions, and more! Now I know which technique to use for which type of surface, and many ways to create that surface. I would highly recommend the surfacing class to anyone who really wants to know the ins and outs of surfacing versus just making a surface.”

-Tom Chlystek, Roush Industries



Newell Rubbermaid

“I was very pleased with this training. It was fun and interactive! I enjoyed both Bart’s and Matt’s enthusiasm for the software as well as practical application of the toolset we were learning. Being a beginner to Creo, I feel much more confident going back to the office and working at my job as a product development engineer.”

-Ashley Cuthbert, Newell Rubbermaid

“Excellent course for beginners. Each concept and tool was explained very well. I came into this Level One course already knowing a lot about Creo, but I was still able to learn a few new tricks that will help me both make new models faster and make changes to existing models faster.”

-Kyle Cauwels, Newell Rubbermaid

“Information was presented in a way that was easy to follow and helped increase my surfacing skills in short amount of time.”

-Tyler Clas, Newell Rubbermaid

“The class was great, and I especially appreciated it being tailored to my skill set. Matt was great and extremely patient while our class got up to speed.”

-Mark Zanada, Newell Rubbermaid

“Great class that taught me many skills that I will implement throughout my design process.”

-Eliott Copier, Newell Rubbermaid



Wilson Trailer Company

“The course was phenomenal! Had a lot of fun learning Creo. Great environment to learn in, very laid back. Can’t wait to come back for more training! The instructor was very knowledgable and helpful. The entire Design Engine staff was welcoming, which made this a pleasurable experience”

-Eric Crippen, Wilson Trailer Company



Covidien Plc

“Class was held in a relaxing setting, which made learning fun. The approach used for teaching made for a great learning environment. Edison was very knowledgable and was able to answer any questions that I had. Looking forward to the next class.”

-Brandon Clavan, Covidien/Medtronic



Stryker Corporation

“Great class! I learned a lot and the instructor, Jim, was very knowledgable and easy to follow. I will be able to head back to work with a lot of hands-on knowledge I can apply to my job.”

-Nathan Matheny, Stryker

“Jim was an exceptional instructor during the intro to ANSYS training. He has a wealth of knowledge on the subject but still taught from a practical, real-world perspective. I came into the class with some experience and from day one I was learning new and more effective ways to use the software.”

-Connor St. John, Stryker

“Jim was a phenomenal teacher and related ANSYS tools/features back to practical applications. He tailored the class to things we were working on and processes we use at Stryker. We covered a lot of ground in one week and Jim made sure everyone was comfortable with everything by the end. It was a great training plan and class. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning ANSYS.”

-Justin Raymond, Stryker



General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.

“Everyone at DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION has an excellent attitude. They are sensitive to each individual’s learning style and shower the students with attention and one-on-one instruction. You couldn’t ask for a better learning environment”

-Doug Case, General Atomics ASI


USA Hoist Company Inc.

“I attended the 3D Solidworks class with DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION. Bart & Jim (last 2 days) were my instructors. Overall I am very satisfied with the content of the material covered & the pace of the class. Sessions with Jim on Thursday & Friday were a bit more involved, which I personally preferred more, but Bart helped in dialing in important workflow features earlier in the week. I am now more confident & recognize the power of Solidworks as a result of this class. I am looking to carry forward & implement all I learned this week at my workplace.”

-Sumanth Ragharendra, USA Hoist


Grayhill, Inc.

“This was a really comprehensive and very informative class. I’ve learned more in this class than my university CAD class. I definitely recommend this to someone who is serious about learning Pro-E. It will help you develop good designing habits and introduce new ideas you didn’t know existed.”

-Eric Tan, Grayhill

“After going to DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION’s Pro-E Level 1 course I realized how much of Pro-E I was not utilizing. The program is a start to finish on the proper way to model/draft parts. After learning the right way to design in Pro-E I feel confident going back to work and being a contributing member of my team. Thank you DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION.”

-Steve Ditore, Grayhill




“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to teach me Pro Surface and ISDX last week during the surfacing class. I had an excellent time learning surfacing and I feel as though I will be using this tool more effectively and efficiently because of the class. I really liked your method of teaching and I feel as though I have retained and will be able to apply most of what I learned. It was a very enjoyable experience and I hope to be able to set up more training with DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION soon…”




University Of Chicago

“I am a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Chicago. Several years ago, my research group began a project to build a far infrared camera for NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA). We chose to develop the instrument using Pro/Engineer, a program for developing and analyzing 3-dimensional models of mechanical systems. This program is widely used by the aerospace industry. NASA and its contractors are using it to develop the SOFIA observatory itself. My group has built many instruments for previous NASA projects, but this is the first time we have used Pro/E…”





“The education I had with DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION is unlike programs I had previously taken. The training was fast passed, and the small classes allowed for enough attention from the instructor and time on the software. The class was unique because it was less about just learning the tools and more about design using impressive surfacing software. For example, instead of building a surface based on shape alone, we looked at how light reflects on the shape as well. In class we worked with over 20 tutorials focusing on Pro/Surface and ISDX…”




Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

“The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation has used and is continuing to use DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION for CAD related training. We design power tools for professional and DYI users in markets around the world. We have a constant employment demand for mechanical engineers with CAD training. DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION has trained many of our engineers in basic and advanced surfacing techniques. Surfacing is the function in CAD that defines the outer shell of our power tools for manufacturing..”





“Bart Brejcha was singularly the best software trainer I have ever encountered. His brilliance and sensitivity as a teacher helped me get the most out of my training…”




Ericsson Electronics

“The Advanced Surface Training with Bart Brejcha was probably the most informative and useful class I’ve ever taken. I have used Pro/E exclusively since 1991 for companies like Mercury Marine, Motorola, CASE, Ariens Co., Harley-Davidson, and numerous others…”





“The course was very informative and I’m sure I learned more about free form surfacing modeling than if I had taken the course elsewhere. I have already imparted my new found knowledge to my colleagues who are now as equally excited about the future of ISDX as I am…”





DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION provided me with the skill set to becoming employable with my Pro/Engineer skills. Despite having a bachelor’s degree in engineering, without the proper software training, my skills were not marketable. I plan to further my employment prospects through more advanced Pro Engineer training, and DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION will be a resource for this training…”





“We attended training for Pro/Surface and ISDX at Atkinson Design, Mississauga, who was a wonderful host and provided great service and response to our training needs. Through them, we were lucky to have Bart Brejcha from DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION as a trainer. If Bart cannot make you love surfacing, nobody can. We were impressed with his enthusiasm and original approach to training…”




Wilbert, Inc.

“I am excited with my new position and would like to thank DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION for the Pro/E training. If it weren’t for DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION I might still be out of a job. The training offered is ideal for anyone entering the current job market. The best part of the training is not that your are taught how to use the program, but how to be an effective modeler.”




ITT Industries

“I would like to personally thank you, as well as the DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION staff, for the Pro/Engineer Wildfire course I attended in August ’04. Before attending a product design workshop I had no employment. Within two weeks, I had a job with a salary exceeding my previous position by over 20k.”




Sears Manufacturing Company

“The methods, tips and tricks that I have learned from Bart, has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of my models. I will always recommend that Sears Manufacturing employees attend training at DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION and in fact, I am planning on taking classes every year, even if it is a repeat class…”




Brooks Stevens Design

“The team at DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION has a great knowledge of the design industry, and they are really up to speed on the tools of the trade, as well as the daily workflow of design. Conversations with the team were on colleague to colleague level, rather than an academic vs. real-world level. Bart Brejcha illustrated excellent familiarity with the design world, while also exhibiting a curiosity that was refreshing to see…”




SRAM Corporation

“From my experience and from the response of students we have sent, DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION of Chicago, Illinois is a top-tier provider of directly applicable training in the use and application of Pro/Engineer software. Pro/E is the preferred and overwhelmingly dominant engineering software platform for product design engineering..”




Beyond Design

“This training offered by DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION is hands on and in a short 3-week program our designers gained the knowledge to start developing parts. I also encourage and support our designers to continually go back for training and further their knowledge on new features that are being added to software…”




Control.Alt.Design, Ltd.

“As a note to someone outside the product design and engineering community: Pro/Engineer is the preeminent product definition software platform for mechanical product design engineering and it is a driver of the world economy as well as our own. A skilled engineer, speaking through this tool, can control milling machines in Asia, injection-molding machines in Singapore and stamping presses in Banglore…”




Computer Sciences Corporation UK

“I attended the ISDX course delivered by Bart Brejcha from DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION and overall I thought the course was very successful…”





“The advanced surface training I received from Bart has been of great value to me as a mechanical designer…”




Millennium Global Technology

“Prior to the class, I talked to Bart. He clearly understood my surfacing issues…”




Sterling (Kohler CO.)

“The instructors background is very diverse, not only was his knowledge of CDRS helpful, but his emphasis on communication between the two platforms (Pro/E and CDRS) was excellent…”





“(DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION‘s) instructors are experts that draw from eclectic backgrounds to create a custom learning experience that one can’t get from a standard classroom setting. Their extensive knowledge and expertise enabled me to prepare and solve real world design problems…”




Laird Technologies

“I have used DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION services in the past and have been satisfied with the training provided. I have plans on using their services again in the near future for more training on Pro/Engineer. I have found that DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION is the best company for the type of training my people need.”



“Don’t hesitate to take any class at DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION, they know your needs and can take you the next level of expertise, you won’t regret it.”

Alexander Lau – Industrial Designer


“In 2008, I started looking for an Advanced Pro/E Surface and ISDX training course. I was looking for more since I had already taken all the TC classes regarding these subjects and also worked as a teacher in Pro/E surfacing for a couple of years. I was looking for a place that could teach me about advanced surfacing, and not just ‘by the book training.’ I started searching the web and found DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION located in Chicago. Even though I live in Sweden, I found it worth the travel across the world to see if they were as skilled as their reputation stated. And yes, I was more than satisfied with the training. Perhaps just as important as the software knowledge transfer was the methods used to train and the additional knowledge I gained in surface development. Thanks Bart for teaching from a real world perspective!”

“So when I decided to take an Alias class in 2010, DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION was an easy choice for me!! Joel Koster’s skills in Alias are worth a lot when it comes to teaching advanced surfacing. Every question I had, he could answer it without a blink. The cost for the class, plus airfare was about the same price as a class in Sweden. Since DE has corporate discounts on hotels, its was actually cheaper for me to go to Chicago and take the class than to take it in Sweden. I would like to thank Bart Brejcha for the high level Pro/ENGINEER training, Joel Koster for the great Alias class, and everyone at DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION for taking good care of me.”

Tobias Larrsson – Sweden


Energizer Personal Care

“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to teach me Pro Surface and ISDX last week during the surfacing class. I had an excellent time learning surfacing and I feel as though I will be using this tool more effectively and efficiently because of the class. I really liked your method of teaching and I feel as though I have retained and will be able to apply most of what I learned. It was a very enjoyable experience and I hope to be able to set up more training with
DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION soon. I have passed along your contact information/business cards to my manager should we need ID cad work done on upcoming projects. I look forward to working with you again in the future
– be sure to keep in touch.”



Schick-Wilkinson Sword

“Just wanted to say “thanks again” for the training and hospitality Neil and I received last
week. The methods we’ve learned will certainly have a positive impact on our performance here at Schick.”




“Just taking a second to give some quick feedback. Joel is great! The beginning of last week he gave me a great multi page printout showing basic key points for Alias. It will come in handy once I get back to Texas for reviewing stuff. Joel also is great about helping me before class officially starts, and staying late to help me with things I get stuck on. I’m sure I’m moving a lot slower than most students he gets, the extra time he takes is appreciated. He has a great ability to show me general key elements for the programs, but also fine tune it for my specific needs. I’m sure I’m a challenge as I’m not the norm student. I’m coming from way out in left field with no industrial design knowledge. His patience is appreciated. And at the same time he is great at pushing me. All you guys have been great. I do appreciate the great lengths you, Bart and Joel have gone to in order to allow me this opportunity. My brain is a little fried from the learning, so I wanted to make absolutely sure you guys know I’m thankful.”

Kelly Crosby – KCKustom


Case New Holland

” We found this free-flowing training technique to be very user-friendly as well as very effective. We now feel much more confident not only in the creation and usage of surfacing in Pro-E, but in the general usage of the software as well. We would definitely recommend this training to others within the company. Further we would recommend the use of DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION for other software training because of the overall effectivity of their training method.”

Chad O’Connell – CNH



” We chose DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION because of their promise to deliver to HD a custom one week class that incorporated training in a design workflow that would utilize both Maya and Alias. DE delivered on that promise as the employees that attended the training were able to model in both sets of software before the week concluded. DE was very proactive seeking dialogue prior to the training to ensure that HD would receive everything in the training they were seeking. I would highly recommend DE to anyone or any company looking for software training. We will be returning for further training at DE when the time permits and we look forward to it. A special thanks to Claudia and Joel who were our primary contact/trainer as they did a superb job fulfilling our needs. Thanks again.”

Rick Elchert – Sr. Surface Designer at Harley-Davidson

Greater Denver Area

“Best Pro/E Surfacing Training ever! We were debating switching our industrial designers to Solidworks. This would have caused huge workflow and data sharing issues with our engineering group who uses Pro/E. Bart was able to turn the table on the issue and show us what we can do with Pro/E, that we cannot with Solidworks. We’ve never questioned the issue again.”

Vaughn McDaniel III, IT Business Process Analyst – PLM & CAD at Kärcher North America

Dental Product Development

“My name is Marc Stewart. I previously have attended a training course put on by Bart Brejcha many years ago and liked his teaching style and have recommended our engineers to attend courses put on by DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION. Recently a number of our design engineers using Creo have expressed interest in the week long Pro/Surface & ISDX Intensive course that DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION offers.”

Marc Stewart, Senior Design Engineer – Midmark Corporation


“I have my dream job. Scratch that. My dream career. And it is all thanks to Bart Brejcha, DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION and the State of Illinois’ WIA program. In 2003 I was an Art Director for a Chicago marketing firm. It was a good job but not always a secure one, since I was contracting and it could end anytime. After the company lost a couple major clients I was what is politely termed “downsized”. There was a silver lining however. My newly unemployed state qualified me for state funding in the Workforce Investment Act through the unemployment office. I was able to take a three week course in Pro/Engineer, a top rated CAD software package and industry standard at all the big manufacturers. After building a portfolio I landed several freelance projects, including designing a Chicago nightclub. Shortly after in 2005 I took a job for Lumisource Inc., designing contemporary furniture and lighting, which has always been a deep running passion for me. I now have several successful designs in major retailers across the country. I can’t tell you just how grateful I am that this opportunity presented itself through the WIA program. I hope more people are able to achieve the same results I have in the future through DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION.”

Chris Daisy, Design Director – Lumisource Inc.

Caterpillar Inc.

“My name is Jacques Elloye and I am working right now as a Design Engineer in the Caterpillar Tier 4 Emission Solutions department in Mossville, IL Near Peoria. I immigrated to the US from Europe via Africa with the green card in 2000. I was married with one child. I am an alumni of the Warsaw University of Technology In Poland where I graduated an MS in Mechanical Engineering. But when we arrived in the US I struggled to find a job that will help me take care of my family. The biggest obstacle in finding a job was that I DID NOT GRADUATE FROM AN AMERICAN UNIVERSITY. Some employers even let me know that. So the struggle continued until 2004 when I received a WIA GRANT at the unemployment office in Elgin, IL to learn PRO/ENGINEER at DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION. I took the class at DE in Chicago. I completed my education six months later. I have to say that I had no prior familiarities with that Software. I learned it from scratch at DE. In January 2006 I found a position with a head hunter to work for caterpillar as a Design Engineer using PRO/E. Two and half years later I got permanently hired by Caterpillar and PRO/E is still my main tool at work. I am especially grateful for the WIA GRANT and to the owners of DE for their tremendous help. They provided a very friendly, customized environment to learn. Their constant encouragements and the way they care about their students is greatly appreciated. Before my education at DE I was struggling to provide for my family. After learning PRO/E with the WIA GRANT I have today a dream job at Caterpillar. A stable job in such a great Company as Caterpillar Inc! At any time that I will have the opportunity to do so I will recommend DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION to anyone in need of a specific training to find a better job.”

Jacques Elloye, Design Engineer – Caterpillar Inc.

Brock Solid Design Inc.

“I took your Pro/ENGINEER 1 week surfacing class in January of this year. Michigan is facing record unemployment numbers, yet I was able to obtain a job using the advanced surfacing skills I acquired from DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION. With DE‘s hands-on approach and unique individualized teaching style I had no problem securing a highly desired contract position in West Michigan. I highly recommend DE’s classes and their approach to teaching to anyone who is looking for a competitive advantage, or to anyone who would like to be a sought after professional.”

Nathan Brock, – Brock Solid Design Inc.

Newell Rubbermaid

“I have received a very good training held by Etienne from DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION, the training was very helpful, and I got a lot of new skills on Creo from the training. They taught with a very clear class structure, step by step to take the students learn function of each icon, and setting. They took us not only to learn the normal functions that we use in the daily working, but also to reach to the content we seldom use but very helpful to improve the performance of the drawings. This will let us make a better drawings with saving working time. Overall, This is one of the best practice and class in my life. Honestly I believe Etienne is a very good teacher with a very high level in teaching. Thank him for the class. I appreciate getting so much Creo knowledge/skill from this class.”

 Alex Li, – Newell Rubbermaid