2018 Press

New Clients:  US Army, Johnson & Johnson, Wieland Designs, Dabir Surfaces &Toast.

01.08.18 – Design Engine signs a new lease on an upgrade for her location in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood.  4043 N Ravenswood Ste 301 Chicago IL 60613  

01.08.18 – Design Engine conducts her Creo to Solidworks version of ‘you’ve switched packages’ classes.  This class is for those design or engineering teams that have been forced to switch parametric software packages.  In this type of training we understand that participants are probably upset, however we make the transition as smooth and rewarding as possible in this one week intensive.   You are not in this class with others that are learning 3d from scratch.  The class was quite pumped to see how much they could learn in just one week. 

New Design for a Pirelli Front profile for their premier racing tire in the first Learning to design in Solidworks class Jan 2018

01.22.18 – Week of January 22nd Design Engine makes a trip to Piscataway, NJ to teach Creo Surfacing to American Standard design engineers. 

01.26.18 – Design Engine visits the Solidworks West Chicago. 

01.29.18 – Creo Surfacing  WEEK ONE to Oshkosh Trucks from Oshkosh WI & Kohler from Kohler, WI

02.07.18 – Week of Jan 7th Design Engine makes it to Detroit’s US Army base to teach a week long Creo 4.0 update training intensive.  

02.14.18 – Week of Jan 14th Design Engine continues it’s stay with Detroit’s US Army base to teach a week long Creo 4.0 Learning to design with Creo 4.0 training intensive.  

02.16.18 – Design Engine adds  new flooring Walls and fresh paint on her new space   4043 N Ravenswood Ste 301 Chicago IL 60613  

02.19.18 – Design Engine conducts her Level two Creo Detail Drawings & Advanced Assemblies intensive to Shear Bitts with Johnson & Johnson.  Not only did we cover advanced assembly tips & Tricks, Detail drawings, GD&T, and sheet metal, we covered rendering using Creo 4.0.

02.28.18 – Design Engine’s Bart Brejcha presents Creo 4.0 tips and tricks at the ASME student chapter at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) We discussed using relations w/ parameters to drive geometry using Windchill among other design engineer concepts. 

02.29.18 – Design Engine’s Bart Brejcha presents Solidworks sheet metal at the Solidworks user conference at Purdue University in Lafayette IN

03.01.18 – Design Engine’s Bart Brejcha went down to Purdue University to present Solidworks Sheet metal to the Solidworks Users Group.   

03.05.18 – Hoist Lift Truck visits Design Engine for the ‘Learning to Design with Creo‘ class this week.

03.09.18 – After filling several speaking presentation spots Design Engine re announced the new Peoria Creo User Conference that will be held April 13th at Bradley University  http://design-engine.com/peoria-ptc-user-group/

03.05.18 – US Army TARDAC has Design-engine down again for the final week of Creo 4.0 update training. This full week consisted of tips, tricks and update from Wildfire 2.0 to Creo 4.0. The premise is that design engineers may not take strategic advantage of all the tools from years of updates. 

03.19.18 – Creo 4.0 Cable Harness Design intensive for several technicians learning to both route wires cables and harnesses both with and without the Creo Schematics tools.  

03.19.18 – Design Engine Conducts WEEK ONE Creo Surfacing intensive as a second part class to Newell Brands in Atlanta GA 

19" Pirelli Motocross knobby Tire

19″ Pirelli Motocross knobby Tire to illustrate patterning surfaces instead of solid geometry to make the pattern much lighter.  

04.09.18 –  Ingersoll Rand Industrial designers and an engineer from Bolder Colorado Medtronic participated in Design-engine’s WEEK TWO surfacing intensive this week.  The participants requirement for this class is that is that they took the WEEK ONE surfacing intensive & worked over a year using surfaces.  

Volt Hood Model

Volt Hood Model created in the WEEK TWO surfacing intensive with Ingersoll Rand & Medtronic 

04.13.18 – Design Engine hosts the Peoria Creo user conference at Bradley University.  We had 51 participants sign up and participate from Caterpillar and 10 other companies.

04.16.18 – Sketching for Engineers as a form of Communication  along with Idea Generation & Facilitation classes is administered this week

Coming up!  We have a wide variety of classes coming up this year including our Creo WEEK TWO Surfacing intensive to Import Data Doctor class to Alias Auto Surfacing intensive. Be sure to observe the Design Engine class schedule in the google calendar from the main page of our website.