New Clients:  Shear Bits, Edwards Lifesciences,  Disher Design, Knoll & University of Illinois 

01.05.17 – Design-Engine administers a two day Creo Sheet Metal class to Newell Brands in Charlotte NC 

01.23.17 – Design-Engine administers  Creo Surfacing WEEK ONE Surfacing Intensive to Edwards Lifesciences in Irvine CA

02.06.17 – Design-Engine administers  Learning to design with Creo Class Shear Bits  of Canada.

02.13.17 – Design-Engine administers the Class-A Surfacing in Alias Auto Studio to Harley Davidson of Milwaukee WI in our Chicago Westloop Studio.  This class will be going on again in April 2017.

02.21.17 – Design-Engine administers the  Creo Surfacing WEEK ONE Surfacing Intensive to Edgwell, Disher Design & CNH industrial Designer & Mechanical Engineers

02.22.17 – Parametric Technology Corporation likes our Kid Robot hot sauce model created in Creo 3.0 Freestyle tool Sub Divisional tool that comes stock with Creo 3.0 that they featured it in their PTC blog post. 

Kidrobot Cholula sauce
Kidrobot Cholula sauce Creo 3.0 render featured in PTC Blog post. 

02.27.17 – Design-Engine administers the  Creo Surfacing WEEK TWO Surfacing Intensive to Harley Davidson & Kohler & Midmark Industrial Designers.  The prerequisite for this class is that the participants have had the WEEK one Creo Surfacing class before. 

03.06.17 – Design-Engine administers Special Creo Surfacing WEEK ONE Surfacing Intensive to Studio Engineers of Newell Brands.  

03.13.17 – Design-Engine administers her Two Day Import Data Doctor intensive to engineering manager of  Midmark of Chicago & Industiral Designers of Ingersoll Rand from New Jersey. 

03.16.17 –  Bart Brejcha & Scott Froeming of Design Engine presents at the UTAH Solidworks users conference.  We showed off a YZ450 Exhaust in a how two using Solidworks surfacing presentation.  Design Engine gave away a Burton Snowboard at this event of over 60 participants.  

Solidworks Yamaha yz450 exhaust
Solidworks Yamaha yz450 exhaust that we used in the UTAH Solidworks user conference

03.20.17 – Design Engine administered a One WEEK Learning Alias Design class to Kohler Industrial Designers. 

Manage G0 & G2 continuity
Manage G0 & G2 continuity in Alias Design

03.27.17 – Design-Engine administers WEEK ONE Creo Surfacing Intensive to General Electric Industrial Designers, Greyhill Engineers & Motorola Mechanical Engineers.  Those participants took our ‘Learning to design with Creo’ Level one class a few years prior.

04.03.17 – The Design Engine Creo level one learning to design with  Creo class was administered to participants from Motorola. 

04.10.17 – Medtronic & Mercury Marine both present engineers for our Chicago Design-engine Creo Simulate training. 

04.10.17 – Bart Brejcha of design Engine presents Creo 4.0 tips and tricks 2 hr workshop to Bradley Engineers.  Participants were both Masters and FEA Doctoral students & their professors.   It was a pleasure to meet everyone.

04.17.17 -Design Engine offers her Learning to design with SOLIDWORKS to participants from both Holly Hunt a Knoll company  and Weber Grill designers and engineers.

04.24.17 – Design Engine offered it’s 3 day Harness design training intensive to AGCO in Hesston KS

using flexible components the nylon strap changes upon how large the bundle is.
Kawasaki head Lamp: using flexible components the nylon strap changes upon how large the bundle is.

04.28.17 – Bart Brejcha from Design-engine presents a one hour presentation of Plastic Part design to the Milwaukee Creo Users Conference or Badger Bug.  This event went off this April at the Manpower facility downtown Milwaukee.

05.08.17 – Design-engine conducts two weeks of special surface modeling training to Bic Razors in Athens Greece. One new group is taking the CREO Surfacing WEEK ONE Intensive while others who took training several years will take our CREO Surfacing WEEK TWO Intensive This is our second time invited for training to engineers and designers in Athens.

05.15.17 – Design-engine conducts thee day advanced surfacing to engineers at BIC that already had the WEEK ONE Creo Surfacing by design Engine a few years earlier.  We condensed the WEEK TWO Creo surfacing workshop into three days for this workshop to BIC Razors in Athens Greece. 

05.22.17 – Design-engine conducts  CREO Surfacing WEEK ONE Intensive training to Belkin  of Santa Barbara CA in the West loop Chicago Studio.  

05.30.17 – Design-engine conducts special two day Adobe Photoshop ID rendering intensive to ID’ers from Holly Hunt and Hayes Brakes.  

06.01.17 – Design Engine visits Harley Davidson for two days of Class-A surfacing using Alias Alias. 

06.12.17 – Week long Learning to design w/ Creo with Phillips Medical & General Electric Designers and Engineers. 

06.12.17 – Learning to design with Solidworks to Holly Hunt and several engineers from the University of Illinois Chicago 

06.19.17 – Design Engine administers her week long Plastic Part Design training class administered to Edwards Lifesciences of Irvine CA 

06.26.17 – Medtronic comes to Chicago for a special week long Creo Advanced Assembly training class.  This class involves Creo update training, top down design and mechanism design complete with Motion Skeletons.  This class is preparation for the Creo Simulate class in July.    This class is in preparation for their Creo Simulate and harness design training to come. 

07.06.17 – Medtronic comes to Chicago for two day Creo Weld training.  Doing it in Creo 4.0 gets those solid welds. 

Learn to use External Copy Geometry & published geometry to make complex geometries easily

 – Edwards Lifesciences takes the Design engine Week Long Learning to design with Cre training class in Irvine California. 

07.17.17 – Solidworks Surfacing class held in the Design engine Chicago Westloop studio. This course teaches anyone how to use Solidworks. This class can be customized to fit specific requirements from 3 days to 5 days. Customization may include: custom tutorials and custom models, or making the workshop more specific to plastics, industrial design, capturing form, or proving form.

07.24.17 – Creo Simulate taught Midmark class how to test, validate, and optimize Creo models & assemblies. Creo Simulate enables engineers to simulate structural and thermal loads on products. Participants completed comprehensive, hands-on lab exercises that simulate realistic analysis, and design optimization activities.

07.24.17 – Custom Creo Surfacing taught onsite at Select Comfort in Minnesota. This course taught Select Comfort staff how to utilize Creo Surfacing to create models specific to their organization’s needs.

07.31.17 – Custom Rhino and Grasshopper Training onsite at Oakley in California. Oakley was able to customize their training needs by blending Rhino and Grasshopper to edit, analyze, and render their models.

08.04.17 – Creo Welding module presented with Creo 4.0 was presented by Bart Brejcha at Badgerland User Group This group is one of the largest Creo User conferences and is held North of Chicago 3 times per year. 

08.07.17 – Creo SurfacingWeek One held onsite for Technicolor in Georgia. We took designers and engineers up several notches past their current surfacing level. 

08.14.17 – Creo Level Two – Detail Drawings & Advanced Assembly held in Michigan for leaders in office furniture design. Participants had the option to customize this course to fit their specific job requirements so they are able to learn exactly what they need.

08.21.17 – Creo Surfacing Week One  Held in here in our West loop office with individuals joining from numerous companies to learn surfacing.

08.28.17 – Creo Level One held at our West loop location. This course was an introduction to constraint based modeling, assembly, and detailing utilizing the latest release of Creo engineering design software. This course focus is on core-modeling skills in a comprehensive manner, which includes topics such as sketching, part modeling, assemblies, drawings, and basic model management techniques.

09.05.17 – Purdue Solidworks User group – Design Engine held a free workshop for the students involved with design and engineering at Purdue University in Indiana.

09.06.17 – Creo Cable Harness Design training held at GE power in Wisconsin. using Creo Schematics participants will learned how to create 2D electrical harnesses that route that geometry through 3D Creo assemblies in order to obtain wire lengths and the appropriate nail board drawings of the flattened harnesses. 

09.11.17 –  Creo Surfacing Week Two course held in Michigan for Herman Miller. This workshop was an advanced Surfacing intensive. The course curriculum is flexible, and can cover any of the more advanced techniques and workflow for surface modeling.

09.11.17 – Creo Level One Held onsite for Dell Computers designers and engineers in Austin Texas.

10.02.17 – Creo Level One Course held onsite for a large group of employees at leading furniture manufacturer, Steelcase in Michigan.

10.02.17 – Custom SolidWorks training for manufacturer of custom window blinds and shades, Levolor in Georgia.

10.09.17 – Creo Surfacing training in Michigan for vacuum cleaner and floor care product manufacturer Bissell.

10.16.17 – Creo Level Two Onsite in California for medical equipment company  Edwards Lifesciences.

10.16.17 – Creo Simulate course held here at our location in Chicago for individuals interested in learning how to simulate structural and thermal loads on products. 

10.23.17 – Creo Cable Harness Design held in Ohio for Midmark, maker of medical, dental and veterinary products.

10.30.17 – Creo Surfacing Week One held at our location Chicago for Individuals from numerous companies looking to increase their design skills in Creo surfacing.

11.06.17Custom Creo Surfacing  training provided for Newell Brands in Florida.

11.14.17 – Rhino 3d student workshop with UIC Arquitectos.

11.16.17 – Afterburn – Plastic Part Design & Mold Design. This is a after work networking event with a discussion in our Chicago studio.

11.17.17  – Solidworks Surfacing student workshop at Notre Dame 

11.20.17 – Creo update training at Saint Gobain Performance Plastics. Participants are brought up to date with the latest version of PTC Creo.

11.27.17 Creo plastic part design for injection molding. Led by Design Engine lead instructor, Bart Brejcha, and Injection mold expert Werner Karwinski.

12.4.17  Creo surfacing week one onsite at Lifetime Products. Clearfield, UT. 

12.7.17 – SW vs. Creo presentation at the Northern Utah Solidworks user group.

12.11.17 – Newell level one. Custom Creo training onsite.

12.11.17 – Rhino level one course though here at Design-Engine in Chicago. participants  learned surface modeling and discuss general modeling relating specifically to Rhino 3D Software.

12.16.17 – Photoshop level one. Participants learned the essential skills and tools used in photoshop during a 2 day weekend course. 


Coming up!  We have a wide variety of classes coming up this year including our Creo WEEK TWO Surfacing intensive to Import Data Doctor class to Alias Auto Surfacing intensive. Be sure to observe the Design Engine class schedule in the google calendar from the main page of our website.