Design Engine Press

Clients: Automotive Lighting, BAE, Baxter Healthcare, Bissel, Bosch Tools, Case New Holland, Eaton Corporation, Energizer Baby Care, General Atomics, General Dynamics, Holly Hunt, Karcher, Koss Steriophones, Lifetime Products, Midmark, Modern Drop Forge, Moen, Motorola, Phillips Plastics, Radius Product Development, Rheem, Sandia National Labs, Schick, Starkey Labs, Swensen Spreader, Toyota, US Army, Yamaha,

01.03.11 – Steve from Ohio and Andre from Canada both participate in the Four Week Pro/E Comprehensive training program and complete their portfolios. They took the basics of sheet metal through surfacing.

01.03.11 – Wildfire 4.0 through Creo, IDD (new class).

01.03.11 – Baxter Healthcare sends two for specific one week Pro/Engineer Advanced Assembly, Sheet Metal, and Detail Drawing training needs.

01.24.11 – Lifetime Products sends one engineer to Pro/Surface ISDX week long intensive.

01.24.11 – General Atomics sends engineers in for Surface Training related to stealth Drone Aircrafts.

02.07.11 – Koss Steriophones sends two designers in for week of Rhino Training.

02.07.11 – General Dynamics and US Army both send industrial designers and engineers for two weeks of Maya training.

02.25.11 – Bosch Tools/Dremmel & Radius Product Development sends representatives for Pro/Surface ISDX training intensive.

02.28.11 – Case New Holland comes in for specific Level 1 Pro/Engineer training.

03.15.11 – Eaton Sends engineers for specific six day ANSYS training.

03.08.11 – Tupperware sends industrial Designers for specific Alias Studio training.

04.04.11 – Sandia National Labs and BAE join with Design-Engine for specific Pro/Engineer training.

04.25.11 – Design-Engine completes on-site SolidWorks training class for Philip’s plastics engineers in Reedsville, PA.

05.09.11 – Department of the Army Fort Huachuca, AZ sends creatives for three week Maya intensive with Design-Engine.

05.23.11 – Design-Engine completes a second on-site SolidWorks training class for Philip’s Plastics engineers this time in Seattle, WA.

05.31.11 – Justina Nguyen of Deep Interactive, a sister organization within the Design-Engine umbrella, has completed alpha testing of the new Design-Engine Publication Website and will unveil that site to the public the first week of June 2011 after beta testing this week.

05.31.11 – Deep Interactive programmers completed alpha testing for a portfolio utility for our past students. Past students and others will now be able to login then upload screen shots of their Pro/Engineer or Maya work. They will be able to modify and change resumes and other specific information.

06.03.11 – Deep Interactive programmers completed the new Design-Engine Jobs Board which has a new look and functionality. Users of this new tool can now login to modify, add, or remove job postings.

06.13.11 – Design-Engine’s Finite Element Analysis (FEA) online training materials have been updated and will continue to update throughout the year.

06.13.11 – Department Of The Army – Ft. Huachuca, AZ comes for a one week Maya Animation intensive.

06.26.11 – Yamaha and Schick design engineers come from east and west coasts for Design-Engine’s one week Surface Modeling intensive.

06.30.11 – Holly Hunt, the premiere Furniture design studio based out of Chicago, comes in for a Level 1 SolidWorks Intensive. This class was held every Thursday for five consecutive Thursdays to better accommodate the customer schedule. Because the class was split up the designers were able to practice and use the software between training sessions thus make major strides towards surface modeling in their last couple sessions.

07.20.11 – Motorola NYC comes to Design-Engine for a special one day IGES manipulation workshop. This class covered the IDD (IDD) and two days of surfacing modeling technique for tangency and continuity. They leave excited about Data Doctor tools for their Alias Imports and excited about new Creo Modeling tools.

07.25.11 – Eaton Corporation receives a five day Pro/Engineer on-site intensive. Their class was broken up into two classes skipping one week so participants could use the software during the week in-between.

07.25.11 – Bissel receives a five day Rhino Intensive that focused on proper NURBS modeling technique. This class was primarily administered to industrial designers and focused on importing geometry into Pro/Engineer.

08.01.11 – Rheem from Mexico sent two engineers for a one week Plastic Part Design for injection molding intensive.

08.22.11 – Toyota, Midmark, Karcher, and Moen all come for the one week Surfacing intensive at Design-Engine. The Pro/E Surfacing is offered the fourth week of every month.

08.01.11 – Eaton’s last two days of their six day ANSYS Training is now complete. The class was broken into three two day classes so the participants could use the software during the month in-between each class.

10.03.11 – Motorola Solutions Group took specific training for Industrial Designers Learning Pro/Engineer. Those industrial designers who already know Alias or Rhino needed an aggressive approach to learning Pro/Engineer surfaces all in a week. Training took place in their covert Soho design studio. Typically a 7 day class, we condensed it into a 5 day intensive.

10.10.11 – BAE takes the Design-Engine Level 2 Detail Drawings & Advanced Assembly and sheet metal all combined into one week.

10.19.11 – Met with Trek Bicycles industrial design groups in Waterloo, WI to discuss the Design-Engine’s special SolidWorks Surfacing Intensive. We just teach the surfacing workflow just like we do with Alias, Rhino, and Pro/Surface ISDX, that is the same class but different tools.

10.19.11 – Design-Engine administered a Solidworks Surfacing Intensive to industrial designers looking to obtain freelance work in ergonomics.

10.24.11 – Baxter Healthcare comes in for the Design-Engine One Week Surfacing Intensive.

10.28.11 – Automotive Lighting came to Design-Engine who Administered a custom Advanced 3 Day ANSYS training class.

10.31.11 – Modern Drop Forge, who makes forgings for Harley Davidson, came in this week for the Design-Engine Level One training.

11.07.11 – Pacific Asian Enterprises & LP Royer come this week to Design-Engine for Rhino 3D Surfacing Level 1 Training.

12.05.11Cardinal Health sends engineers for The Design-Engine Level One Pro/Engineer Training class.

11.11.11 – Design-Engine speaks twice at the Denver Pro/Engineer user conference on Creo 1.0 basics through surfacing and again showing off the Freestyle modeling tool that comes stock with Creo 1.0.

11.14.11 – Design-Engine administers an onsite Pro/Surface intensive to Starkey Labs the hearing Aid manufacturer in Minneapolis, MN

11.28.11 – Energizer Baby Care comes in for the Design-Engine One Week Surfacing Intensive.

11.28.11 – Design-Engine’s Bart Brejcha submits white paper on Creo 1.0 Freestyle to speak at the PTC World June Conference that will be held in Orlando this year.

12.12.11Swensen Products takes the Design-Engine Level 2 Detail Drawings & Advanced Assembly top down design, flexible components, advanced drawing techniques, and sheet metal all combined into one week.

12.12.11 – Design-Engine administers our Level One Rhino Training surfacing class to Architecture students over holiday who attend the UIC Architecture program.

12.12.11 – Design-Engine has Swenson Spreader in for the level two detail drawings and advanced Assembly class.

12.12.11 – Bart Brejcha of Design-Engine uploaded 10 videos to Youtube ranging from Creo 1.0 Freestyle to Modifying GSXR front fork assembly.