Design Engine Press

Clients: Allsteel, Auto Research Center, Brooksstevens, BRP, General Atomics, Grayhill Inc, KI Industries, Logic, Macrovision, Mitsubishi Electronics, Motorola, National Presto Industries, Otto Engineering, Perdue University, Rubbermaid, Sandia National Laboratory, Sears Seating, Valley Lab, and Yamaha Motor Corportation

01.23.06 – One Week Rubbermaid Sharpie Division takes onsite Pro/Engineer training to engineers. This Pro/Engineer training workshop went from the basics to surfacing as others within the organization heard about the training and came to participate.

02.13.06 – Otto Engineering receives three day Pro/Engineer training and Wildfire Intensive.

02.18.06 – Twelve hour Pro/Engineer Training intensive with industrial design department at Perdue University. Bart Brejcha of Design-Engine does a one day Wildfire workshop to ID students at PURDUE University. He helped students use Pro/Engineer Wildfire to prove form as opposed to capture form.

02.20.06 – Logic sends industrial designers for one week Pro/Surface and ISDX Training Intensive.

04.10.06 – Design-Engine Representative Bart Brejcha speaks at the Indiana Pro/Engineer user conference on industrial design and Pro/Engineer.

04.10.06 – Design-Engine administers one week Maya training to Motorola Graphic Designers.

04.26.06 – Design-Engine Representative, Ray Doeksen (Army Captain Reserves), speaks at Milwaukee Pro/Engineer User Group on industrial design and Pro/Engineer.

05.1.06 – Valley Lab, a division of Tyco Healthcare Group in Colorado asked Design-Engine to administer a three day onsite Pro/E training in Pro/Surface ISDX.

05.10.06ARC sent three representatives for a one week surfacing workshop. Engineers at ARC are interested in Aerodynamics and fluid dynamics of Indy and Nascar Pro/Engineer models.

06.09.06 – Bart Brejcha administers a special two day Pro/Engineer Training Workshop to Michigan Tech engineering students in the upper Peninsula of Michigan. The students currently use Unigraphics because of Automobile donations. The students wanted Pro/Engineer Training because the majority the engineering jobs ask for Pro/Engineer in the workplace and for potential for higher pay using Pro/Engineer. Topics discussed were: working with industrial design, job search, online resumes, and 14 hours of full on Pro/Engineer training including Pro/Sheetmetal, Pro/Surface, Mechanism, and the basics. Pro/Engineer Jobs are plentiful.

06.26.06 – Bart Brejcha administers a special two day Plastics Workshop to Sears Seating. The class covered history of plastics, plastic part design, injection process, and tips & tricks using Pro/Engineer to get the plastic parts completed better faster cheaper.

06.26.06 – Caterpillar through Butler hires two past students for permanent hire. These two individuals now work in Peoria onsite at Caterpillar.

07.18.06 – Design-Engine starts another three week nightly workshop. Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as Pro/Engineer training Saturday. To get into nightly workshops contact your representative.

07.24.06 – Design-Engine Hires Aaron Richard, a mechanical engineer recently graduated from Michigan Tech. Aaron took our three week Pro/Engineer training workshop during the summer of 2005 and now aids in product development projects for deeplabs and assists in training at Design-Engine|Education. His primary mission is to support Pro/Cable and Mechanism and assist with FEA workshops.

07.24.06 – Week long Intermediate Alias Training workshop administered to Allsteel industrial design department. Allsteel and its brands make for the second largest furniture manufacture in the World.

07.28.06 – Bart Brejcha speaks at the PTC User Conference in Southern California. Two speaking spots covered Pro/Surface and ISDX use in product design. In the talks Mr. Brejcha covered tricks that aid ISDX users to maintain draft.

07.29.06 – Bart Brejcha administers a two day Pro/Surface ISDX Training (weekend workshop) to engineers from General Atomics and Mitsubishi Electronics in San Diego, CA.

07.31.06 – Bart Brejcha administers a special two day surfacing workshop to Yamaha Motor Corporation in Cypress, CA. One Day Pro/Surface Pro/Engineer Training and one day IDSX training to aid the group of engineers learn Pro/Engineer within the Yamaha accessories group.

08.18.06 – Bart Brejcha and Aaron Richard both speak at the Badgerland PTC User conference in Sheboygan, WI. Bart did two one Pro/Sheetmetal and one Pro/Surface to engineers talks while Aaron did a talk on using Pro/Engineer Mechanism module.

08.19.06 – Bart Brejcha and Aaron Richard administer special two day weekend workshop to Brooksstevens engineers after the Wisconsin Badgerland PTC User conference.

10.15.06 – Almost the entire month was dedicated to PTC certified Wildfire 2.0 update training for designers and engineers from Grayhill, Inc. of La Grange, IL.

10.23.06 – BRP of Wisconsin sends two for Pro/Engineer basic training.

10.23.06 – National Presto Industries sends two industrial designers for a one advanced Alias workshop.

11.13.06 – New vender, KI Industries, from Berkley, IL comes in for a one week surfacing class.

11.27.06 – Sandia National Laboratory Albuquerque NM sends one engineer for basic Pro/Engineer training. John Fisher gives rave reviews after his one week session with our engineers.

12.04.06 – Macrovision takes a one week Maya training workshop.

12.13.06 – Aaron Richard administers a two day onsite Pro/Surface workshop to a group of KI engineers in Green Bay, WI who are beginning with Surface modeling. Design-Engine also developed custom tutorials for that workshop that documents current, past, and potential technique for modeling office furniture with Pro/Surface and ISDX. Aaron delivered an exciting and well organized workshop.