2001 Design Engine Press

Clients: Baxter Healthcare, BE Areospace, Beyond Design, Caterpillar, Guidant, Ignite Product Development, Motorola, NASA, Rubbermaid, SkilBosch Powertools, SRAM Corporation, and University of Chicago


05.08.97 – Through Steve Nardy’s Pro Engineering Consultants, Bart Brejcha worked with the Boyton Beach Gabriel Khouri’s team at Motorola’s International Paging by assisting and training engineers in top down design and surfacing. This Pro/Engineer training style is very different from that of a PTC training class in that we customize the training on the spot.

11.04.97 – SRAM Corporation asks Design-Engine to conduct a 4 day surfacing workshop in Pro/Surface now called Creo Surfacing.


03.10.98 – Design-Engine creates and conducts several Pro/Engineer surfacing workshops to various key engineers at BE Aerospace in NC.

06.10.98 – Design-Engine creates several Pro/Engineer surfacing workshops to various Caterpillar engineers.

09.14.98 – University of Chicago Astro Physics group from the Yerkies Observatory enlist the help of Design-Engine to train key members with Pro/Engineer so their team can interface with NASA. The U of C team is building infrared telescopes for the NASA 747 to ultimately evaluate distant forming star fields called SOFIA.  Design Engine prepared and delivered classes for importing large data into then Pro/ENGINEER.

10.01.98 – Design-Engine moves into its new facility downtown Chicago’s West Loop.

11.22.98 – Design-Engine upgrades its computer systems with all brand new Dell workstations.

11.02.98 – Several high school graduates come to Design-Engine for Pro/Engineer training hoping to enhance their drafting skills and get jobs in the industry, they get jobs at Kohler and Bobcat.  This is the start of our 3 and 4 week training intensives.


01.09.99 – Baxter Healthcare comes into Design-Engine for Marker Rendering workshops to several mechanical engineers.

01.10.99 – Design-Engine redesigns the proetools.com training web site.

01.23.99 – Design-Engine signs on SkilBosch Powertools for Pro/Surface training.   Surfacing training focus is upon light reflections and use of surfaces for product design.  Highly stylized surfaces becomes a unique Design-engine edge.   This course is now called Creo Surfacing WEEK ONE

02.15.99 – Ignite Product Development comes in for one week of Pro/Designer training this week.  This software evolved into Creo Style module and is now administered as the last two days of our WEEK Long Creo Surfacing training.

04.15.99 – Design-Engine Education signs on Guidant from MN and conducts the then Pro/ENGINEER surfacing intensive.

04.14.99 – Bart Brejcha speaks at the Minnesota Pro/Engineer Users Group.

12.02.99 – Several consultants come to Design-engine from various places for three week training and gain employment with Harley Davidson and Honeywell.

02.11.99 – Design-Engine redesigns the proetools.com web site and launches the site.


01.15.00 – Beyond Design of Chicago enlists Design-Engine to assist teaching several industrial designers to utilize Pro/Engineer for concept modeling.

02.04.00 – Baxter Healthcare comes into Design-Engine this week for Photoshop rendering workshop for product designers.

04.15.00 – NASA – Johnson Space Center sends physicist working on manned mission to mars for Pro/Engineer training in Chicago. The physicist is on the team to look at radiation from space and spacecraft protections.

06.16.00 – Bart Brejcha Speaks at the PTC World Event in Orlando, FL to 600 engineers and designers about proving form using Pro/Engineer. Talk titled “What PTC and Rand don’t tell you about Pro/Surface”.  These tools have been re-branded as Creo Surfacing

06.16.00 – Bart Brejcha speaks at the Galveston Pro/Users group conference in Texas on surfacing.


04.15.01 – Beyond Design of Chicago again enlists Design-Engine to assist teaching industrial designers to utilize Pro/Engineer for concept modeling. This Pro/Engineer training workshop helps industrial designers learn Pro/E at a very high level all in one week.

04.15.01 – Rubbermaid Division Eldon enlists Design-Engine for ISDX training conducted in Madison, WI.  This class is now administered in WEEK Long Creo Surfacing training.

05.11.01 – SRAM Corporation sends test engineer for four weeks of Pro/ENGINEER training. SRAM also considers sending new hire engineers for training from the start of employment.

06.16.01 – SRAM Corporation sends first new hire to Design-Engine for one week Pro/E training workshop before starting work. Design-Engine team develops curriculum based upon intended projects.

12.11.01 – Bart Brejcha speaks to 100 Engineers at the Wisconsin Pro/Engineer Users Group on surfacing for engineers working with industrial design. In the audience was Kohler and John Deere, to name a couple. Lecture on advanced surfacing using the new ISDX module from PTC.

12.17.01 – Design-Engine speaks to Hinsdale High School about a potential future in industrial design. Bart Brejcha speaks about Pro/Engineer and Alias Studio as design tools.  He explained what Calculus is and how it is used in industry without using the word calculus.