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Consulting, Product Design and Project Assistance

If you have taken a class at Design-Engine in the past, then you are aware of the workflow, product design skills, and knowledge the designers and engineers teaching the classes each possess. We have a wide variety of experience ranging from carbon fiber, plastics, aluminum, and steel products/components. Our team has extensive experience implementing complex product development systems, and we believe that a successful customer program is achieved by performing the right combination of activities with a complete, end-to-end methodology focused on outcome. This product development approach helps customers achieve understanding from each step in the implementation process and value from the process as a whole. With our versatile and experienced group of industrial designers, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) engineers, engineers, and CAD experts, we are sure to achieve and surpass expectations in a short amount of time.


Design Engine team members are synergized designers and engineers and they have the variety of experience that our customers seek everyday. Our team members can effectively fit into your organization’s process.

Our Service

We offer 10, 20, or 50-hour blocks for consulting and project assistance and are available to help with difficulties one might have at any time, including nights and weekends. If you are interested, call our office at: 312.226.8339   to talk to an account manger.

Boosting Productivity

Many engineers and industrial designers spend hours working on a task not realizing there is a streamlined process someone familiar with the solution could solve in a moment.   Plus we have thousands of hours of experience.  Part of our consulting service includes sharing our extensive experience with product development, particularly regarding the product development process. Once a new product development process or methodology has been accepted it can be applied to future projects, ultimately improving the productivity of the recipient of the consultation.

For larger projects or consulting services contact our partners at MoveScience.  Tom Pemble [email protected]  Many of the MoveScience consultants have had training with us at Design-engine.

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GoPro Camera Creo mechanism using Collision Detection Homaro Cantu Elastomer Oven Marlboro Project Task Chair Design

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