All Design Engine Training Courses

We may suggest the newest versions of the following software however many customers may want to take their training in older release. Call to inquire 312.226.8339

All courses can be modified to suit your company’s specific needs. Please contact our office with an special circumstances that you may require.  Consider customizing your course.  Ask to speak to an instructor.

Main Categories of classes at Design-engine

Creo Training Classes
Creo Surfacing classes
Also Creo Surfacing classes
Solidworks Training Classes
Rhino 3d Training Classes
Maya Training Classes
FEA training Classes
Part Design & Manufacturing Classes
Design for Engineers Classes
Adobe Design Training Classes



Creo Training

These are the Design-engine Creo Training courses. You may prefer this Creo course listing.
4 week Creo Comprehensive Training
Learn Creo Level 1
Creo Top Down Design Training
Creo Training for Industrial Designers
Learn Creo Detailing & Advanced Assembly
Creo Advanced modeling Level 3 Heavy user training
Creo Custom Heavy User Training
Learn Creo Sheetmetal
Learn Creo Harness Design
Creo Schematics was RSD or routed Systems Designer 2 or 5 day course offered
Creo Update Training Widlfire to Creo 3.0 update training
Creo CNC training Prototype & Production Machining
Creo Program Pro/Program Workshop
Creo Pro/E Mechanism Dynamics Intensive
Creo Mold Design Training
Solidworks to Creo Training In this course you already know Solidworks and your company chose to switch to Creo.  Participants can learn much more in one week within this class curriculum

Creo Surfacing Training

Become an expert at Surface modeling  with these Creo classes using the latest release of Creo with Design-engine this year.  Creo Surfacing classes You may prefer this Creo Surfacing course listing.
WEEK 1 Creo Surfacing week long intensive
WEEK 2 Creo Surfacing week long intensive
Learn Creo Surface Level 1: Robust Creo Surfacing techniques two day Surfacing intensive
Learn Creo Advanced Surface Modeling level 2: Advanced Creo Surfacing
Creo Custom Surfaceing Level 3: Custom Surfacing
Creo Restyle Level 4: Restyle & Reverse Engineering
Learn Creo Import to facilitate parametric goemetry Level 5: Advanced Import to Create Parametric Surfaces
Learn Style Level 6: Intro to ISDX
Learn Creo Style Level 7: Advanced Style (A-Class Surfacing)
Learn Creo Style Surface Edit Level 8: Advanced Surface Modeling With ‘Surface Edit’
Learn Creo Aircraft Surfacing Level 9: Surfacing Aircraft surface modeling Intensive
Learn Creo Freestyle Level 10: Surface Freestyle Creo ‘Sub’ D Modeling
IDD Training Level 11: Import Data Doctor
Creo Parametric &  Surfacing an Intense Review Level 12



Solidworks Four Week Comprehensive
Solidworks Level 1: Introduction Constraint Based Modeling
Solidworks Level 2: Advanced Assembly & Detailed Drawings
Solidworks Level 3: Advanced Modeling
Solidworks Training: Introduction to Surfacing
Solidworks: G2 Advanced Surfacing Intensive
Solidworks Week Long Surfacing Intensive
Pro/Engineer to Solidworks
Solidworks Sheetmetal
Solidworks Mold Design Training


Level 1: Intro to Maya 3D Training
Level 2: Maya 3D Animation (Training)
Level 3: Advanced 3D Maya Dynamics
Level 4: Maya 3D Rendering Intensive
Level 5: Maya 3D Character Development Intensive
Maya 3D Training Four Week Comprehensive
ZBrush Sculpting Course
Intro to Maya 3D Nurbs Modeling for Industrial Designers



Level 1: Alias Studio Tools
Level 2: Designing With Alias Studio Tools
Level 3: Alias Studio Tools Rendering Intensive
Level 4:Alias Studio Tools Modeling for Tooling
Level 5: Alias Studio A Class Autotmotive Surfacing
Four Week Alias Comprehensive


Rhino 3D: A Full Description
Rhino 3D Training: Level 1
Level 2: Designing With Rhino
Level 3: Flamingo Rendering
Level 4: Advanced Nurbs Modeling
Four Week Rhino Comprehensive
Jewelry Design Using Rhino
Yacht Design Using Rhino


Ansys Training Level 1
Ansys Training Level 2: Dynamics
Pro/Mechanica Level 1
Pro/Mechanica Training
Pro/Mechanica Comprehensive
Pro/Mechanica Four Week Long Class


Adobe Level 1: Understanding Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Level 2: Mastering Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Training in Rendering for Product Designers
Adobe Illustrator for Industrial Designers/Engineers
Intro To Adobe InDesign
Fast Track To Adobe Dreamweaver
Intro To Adobe Flash Workshop
Adobe Flash Action Script
Fast Track To Adobe After Effects
Fast Track To Adobe Premiere Pro


Search Engine Optimization


Marker Rendering for Engineers
Idea Generation Facilitation

Part Design & Manufacturing

Manufacturing Weeklong Comprehensive
Die Cast Part Design
Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding
Forging Part Design

Pro/ENGINEER Training

Pro/Engineer Training Industrial Designers
Pro/Engineer Level 2: Detailed Drawing & Advanced Assembly
Pro/Engineer Level 3: Advanced Modeling
Pro/Engineer Four Week Comprehensive Workshop
Pro/Engineer Training Advanced Heavy User Custom Training
Pro/Sheetmetal Training Level 1
Advanced Pro/Sheetmetal
Pro/Cable Harness Design

Pro/Surface Training

May we suggest the newer versions of Creo however many customers may want to take their training in older releases of Pro/ENGINEER for their Surfacing training.
Week One: Full Week Custom Pro Surface ISDX Intensive
Pro/Surface Level 1: Robust Surfacing Techniques Wildfire 5.0 or older version of the Level 2 Pro/SURFACE class
Pro/Surface Level 2: Advanced Pro/Surface Wildfire 5.0 or older version Level 2 Pro/SURFACE class

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