About Design Engine

Work smarter, not harder

At Design Engine, our goal is to help your teams work smarter not harder.  We help designers, engineers, drafters, and mechanics get better jobs, earn more money, design better products, and become more innovative and creative.  By working smarter, you outshine your competition. Since 1994 we’ve successfully trained over 3500 designers and engineers from companies such as Motorola, Caterpillar, Medronic, GE, US Armey, Harley-Davidson, and Sandia National Labs.

We not only increase your software comprehension, but also increase your knowledge of specific design and engineering techniques. As a result, using software becomes more graceful, effortless, and flexible for you on all your projects.

Our training studio is optimized to provide a creative environment for learning participants. Class sizes are typically small, with lots of opportunities for one-on-one interaction between the participant and the instructor. 

Our instructors are well known for their expertise and professionalism. ​We come from extensive backgrounds in the design, engineering and manufacturing industries. The courses we provide are with respect to problems to solve.  Similar problems we will encounter during everyday work.

Unlike typical training organizations, Design Engine doesn’t simply teach the software packages, read to you from a book or lead you with menu clicks.  Instead, Design Engine helps organizations create or mature a natural exchange between design and engineering teams, ultimately helping organizations to utilize a mutual design language for greater understanding.  Design Engine participants become more effective 3D CAD communicators and stronger team members through our programs. People often think of us as a training facility. Design Engine isn’t a training facility; we are product designers, strategic problem solvers, and engineering experts armed with a process aimed at helping you work smarter.