Training Mission

Our Training Mission

Our commitment is to provide the best training for the product design and development, industrial design and engineering community.

DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION strives to empower students and organizations to significantly increase their design and engineering capabilities through innovative and comprehensive training challenges. Our engineering, product design, and industrial design training methods are outside-the-box, rather than the typical classroom book training.

product design training at design engine - 3D Hummer Model


  1. To train engineers and product designers with a real world approach to problem solving so as to ultimately give them the tools needed for getting the job done quickly and correctly.
  2. To provide training efficiently, effectively and professionally.
  3. To engage and excite engineers and designers about the skills and techniques they have learned with us so they will continue to improve, cultivate and grow after entering the design or engineering world.

We accomplish these goals through the following:

Individual attention: Courses are purposefully kept small to maximize student access to the instructor. The small size allows students to work at his or her own pace.

Renowned instructors: Our instructors have industry expertise and knowledge of the software from an industry perspective. Specifically made for the design-world, our courses have been designed by industry leaders based on the skills that are needed in the workplace. Students will be prepared to enter the design world and excel within it.

Product Design Training at Design Engine

Career Services

The faculty and staff at DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION are committed to helping students find the career they are looking for and to help students grow. The success of our students is the most important part of what we do.

We maintain an active relationship with contract agencies for our students who are unemployed. Additionally, our database of over 7,000 industry leaders can be accessed for job searching and communication.

Product Design Training at Design Engine
Resume building: In the design-world, our highly recognizable name can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door at your dream job.